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Tweeter in Chief, Hit’em Hard

I absolutely love the fact that the progressive left melts down and becomes unhinged every time Trump tweets. There is no limit to the vile things that the left can say about any Republican, but god forbid a conservative stands up and defends themselves. Personally I hope that more Republicans take heed of Trump and start hitting back. For too long Republicans have acted like lapdogs while the other side lies and misrepresents policy differences. If Trump was smart everytime he opens his mouth or “Tweets” he needs to say “I AM NOT A POLITICIAN, I RAN TO FIX THINGS, I DO NOT CARE IF I AM RE-ELECTED, I AM HERE TO GET THINGS DONE, THEN GO HOME” Then he should go after Republicans and point out that they where elected to fix things, if they can’t they should pack up a go home.

Even if Trump only gets four years in office I hope he burns DC and the elites to the ground. To refer to Washington as the swamp actually insults swamps, DC is’s more like a cesspool full of maggots and leeches. The unhinged spasm of moral indignation that the media have suddenly found proves they need to get out of DC and experience the crap middle-america has put up with over the past 8 years. The media and DC elite work hand in hand to protect there elitist paradise. Notice how the same tired old duche bags are dragged out every time the media wants to bash Trump. Cue John McCain or Lindsay Graham on the Republican side and on the Democratic side take your pick, the list is long. I have no great affection for President Trump, but I agree with his agenda. Any one who wants to drain the cesspool and return the power to the folks has my vote. The lamestream media’s problem is not what they tell us, it’s what they don’t tell us that is the problem. There job is to report the good, the bad and the ugly, not to filter or advocate. Conservatives must realize the media IS THE ENEMY, there is no ABC,CBS,PBS,CNN,NPR,NBC there all DNC They will never be fair so treat them with the respect they give you. Trump should be thrilled the way the left and the media is acting, it means what he is doing is working. I would prefer more policy tweets but anything that stresses out the left works for me.

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Hope She Gets The Full “Prison Bitch” Treatment

Reality Leigh Winner, the 25-year-old government contractor who recently stole classified documents from the National Security Agency, has revealed her strategy for avoiding jail time: play the “pretty, white and cute” card.

Lets all hope this self righteous little millennial gets the full “Prison Bitch” experience. It’s also imperative that the Justice Department not only throws the book at her but piles on every charge possible. When caught these leakers should never see the light of day again. If these folks feel so strongly about what they’re doing they should hold a press conference in front of the White House and present the material to the public and then go to prison. If this administration had any brains unless the press has verified sourced information that they should not even answer the questions. There again if all these leakers feel the information is so important then they should attach their names to it, instead of being the cowardly little pieces of shit they are and anonymously disseminating the information. if the United States ever gets in hands on Edward Snowden he should be put in front of a firing squad.

What I really would like to know is how incompetent are the intelligence agencies that they hire these morons. There is no way that all these private contractors should have access to this kind of intelligence. There should also be some system that leaves a bread trail of when and who had access to the information. Or better yet we need to severely cut down on the number of intelligence agencies there are. Over the past two decades these agencies have missed almost all of the major TERRORIST ACTIONS. What purpose do they serve but to employ thousands of Ivy League blue bloods who sit around pontificating about world events. Ask anyone who has served downrange and they will tell you just how useless most of these agencies are for the real boots on the ground. Everyone seems to think that agencies like the CIA are part of the vast right wing conspiracy but in reality they are mainly staffed with far left bureaucrats who have never served on the battlefield. Unfortunately gathering good information is a dirty business and most of the electorate does not have the stomach to do the things required for timely and accurate intelligence to destroy our enemies.

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