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More Crony Capitalism, Obamacare Latest Union Kickback

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

You wonder why all these big labor unions support Barrack Hussein Obama so much? Because the financial kickbacks more they make up for the millions spent. The “Chicago Way” of politics is too reward your patrons and to punish and bully your enemies. Just look at the thug tactics Obama used to screw the GM bond holders and the cushy deals the big gangster unions got. This socialist bullshit is one of the many Obama policies keeping real unemployment at 15% plus. Why invest in the economy when this thugocracy can just show up and say sorry where dissolving your investment you can take these pennies or take nothing. And if you make any media complaints you just may find my enforcer in the Justice Department going through your business records. GM was a horrible run company with insane union contracts and should of gone bankrupt. But old Barry just rigged the game and bailed out his big labor buddies. Now Obama is using OBAMACARE to kickback taxpayer cash to big labor union pals far and wide.

Freelancers Union receives $340 million in grants for ObamaCare

By Adam Bitely — More political payola for Big Labor. The Freelancers Union has reportedly received $340 million in grants for ObamaCare implementation. Could this money be political bribery funds from the Obama administration?

On Capitol Hill, Rep. Dave Camp is looking into the matter. According to a report from Fox News, “Camp questioned whether the group was even eligible, describing the loan as a ‘reward’ for ‘political friends.’”

It seems that it has become a matter of routine inside the Obama administration to use ObamaCare grants to pay off friends and allies. Just look at the case of the taxpayer money sent to the Saul Alinsky-affiliated group in Wisconsin.

The last we heard from the Freelancers Union their founder and executive director Sara Horowitz was heaving praise on Occupy Wall Street movement:

It’s hard to ignore the signs: One percent of the population controls 40% of the wealth in this country. Financial institutions, after a decade of living large off riskier and riskier bets, are passing along costs to consumers. The unemployment rate for people under the age of 30 is nearly 17%. And it’s not just the poor. The Middle Class are being squeezed from every direction. Is it any wonder that people have taken to the streets to Occupy Wall Street?

We know that as a country we can’t sustain this level of inequality for much longer. In the short term, we need to update the New Deal so that the protections envisioned by FDR are realized for the Gig Economy – the 30% of our workforce who are excluded from basic worker protections and whose “jobs” last months instead of years. That means creating portable health insurance that workers can take from gig to gig and revising our unemployment system to account for the millions of people who are currently left out of it.

But in the long term, our best bet to prevent another Great Recession is to stop thinking that benefits are provided by an employer and support systems are delivered through the government. Those days are slipping away, and it’s time to completely shift our thinking. We need to come up with new, creative ways to solve these problems by coming together in what I call New Mutualism: People with shared interests cooperatively building solutions to the problems they face.

Wall Street won’t remain occupied forever. But the spirit of the protests can live on, especially if we can channel the anger, frustration, and hope on display in Zuccotti Park into new institutions that balance people, community, a living wage, and basic supports with reasonable profits.

Adam Bitely is the Editor-in-Chief of You can follow him on Twitter at @AdamBitely.



Obamacare And Waivers For Big Labor

January 30, 2011 1 comment

Obamacare Waivers Continue To Grow

With the looming disaster called OBAMACARE getting closer the rats are jumping ship as more and more comes to light on this destruction of our healthcare system. While big labor was one of the biggest supporters of OBAMACARE they have already requested and been granted 40 percent of the waivers. The New York SEIU union is dropping 30 thousand kids from there healthcare plan due to rising costs. As often happens when the left dreams up these utopian schemes its the rest of us who get stuck with the details. Instead a tackling one health care issue at a time and spending the time to get it fixed right the Democrats rushed through a massive bill that they all admit not reading just to placate the howling hyennas in there party. Every state that has tried this healthcare reform has failed miserable and OBAMACARE will fail in epic fashion. The system needs fixing but the Democrats refuse to address major factors that are the cause. The cost of healthcare is what everyone brings up but Democrats refuse to address the problems like trial lawyers and tort reform, fraud or illegal aliens whom all suck up tens of billions of dollars of working taxpayers money. The trial lawyers drive up costs of everything from medicine to medical equiptment. Then we have millions of illegals aliens bringing in once eradicated disease’s and having generally poor health all being treated at taxpayers expense. Another growing problem is Illegal aliens and recent immigrants who are major players in healthcare fraud schemes, in Florida healthcare fraud is overtaking the drug trade. And last time I checked healthcare isn’t mentioned once in the constitution or the bill of rights. Yes in a perfect world everyone would get wonderfull cradle to grave healthcare but we don’t live in a perfect world. And since big government has gotten involved in healthcare there regulations and political pandering has driven costs thru the roof. Lets throw out this OBAMACARE disaster start over and address one issue at a time until its fixed or where going to be all begging for the good old days of fighting with our insurance companies. By tweaking little bits at time you give the economy and system time to plan and adjust. Start with portability and competition then pre-existing conditions then you can start with putting trial lawyers out of business and sending illegals home. The kicker is the Democrats gave themselves the first waiver when they decided to keep funding there gold plated taxpayer funded government plan for House and Senate members.
So while the rest of us are struggling to find are way thru this disaster the morons who dream it all up will be exempt from this mess.

Big Labor Obamacare Waivers

Waivers for Favors: Big Labor’s Obamacare escape hatch
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2011
President Obama’s story-tellers recently launched a White House blog series called “Voices of Health Reform,” where “readers can meet average Americans already benefiting from the health reform law.” I propose a new White House series: “Voices of Health Reform Waivers,” where taxpayers can meet all the politically-connected unions benefiting from exclusive get-out-of-Obamacare passes — after squandering millions of their workers’ dues to lobby for the
job-killing, private insurance-sabotaging law from which they are now exempt.
At the end of last year, the Department of Health and Human Services had granted some 222 temporary waivers to businesses small and large, insurers, labor, and other organizations that offer affordable health insurance or prescription drug coverage with limited benefits. On Wednesday, the agency quietly updated its online list, which now reveals a whopping total of 729 Obamacare escapees – in addition to four states Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Tennessee – who collectively cover 2.1 million enrollees.
At least one eyebrow-raising waiver recipient – the left-leaning, nationalized health care-promoting Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – has direct ties to the White House. Obama health care czar Nancy DeParle sits on the foundation’s board of trustees.
Most noteworthy: One-fourth of all the waivers (182) have gone to Big Labor groups across the country so far.
The Teamsters Union, which hailed Obama last March for “enacting historic health care reform, providing health insurance to millions of Americans who don’t have it and controlling costs for millions more who do,” obtained waivers for 17 different locals.
The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), which celebrated the passage of Obamacare as “an achievement that will
rank among the highest in our national experience,” secured waivers for 28 different affiliates.
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers — which exulted after the health care law’s passage that “finally, affordable and comprehensive health care coverage will be available for millions of working Americans” — saw 8 of its affiliates win shelter from the Obamacare wrecking ball.
The Communications Workers of America, which sent its workers to lobby for Obamacare on Capitol Hill as part of the left-wing billionaire George Soros-funded Health Care for America Now front group, snagged a waiver that will spare a hefty 19,000 of its members from the onerous federal mandate.
And the Service Employees International Union, which poured $60 million into Democrat/Obama coffers in 2008 and millions more into the Astroturf campaign for the federal health care takeover, added four new affiliates to the waiver list:
– SEIU Local 2000 Health and Welfare Fund, representing 161 enrollees
– SEIU 32BJ North Health Benefit Fund, representing 7,020 enrollees
– SEIU Local 300, Civil Service Forum Employees Welfare Fund, representing 2,000 enrollees
– SEIU Health & Welfare Fund representing 1,620
That’s in addition to three other previous SEIU waiver winners: Local 25 SEIU in Chicago with 31,000 enrollees; Local 1199 SEIU Greater New York Benefit Fund with 4,544 enrollees; and SEIU Local 1 Cleveland Welfare Fund with 520 enrollees — which brings the total number of Obamacare-promoting SEIU Obamacare refugees to an estimated 45,000 workers represented by seven SEIU locals.
Without the HHS-approved exemptions, these health providers would have been forced to drop low-cost coverage for seasonal, part-time, and low-wage workers due to skyrocketing premiums. The only way they are keeping their health care is by successfully begging the feds to spare them from Obamacare. The Democrats’ law seeks to eliminate the low-cost plans (known as “mini-med” plans) under the guise of controlling insurer spending on executive salaries and marketing. The ultimate goal, as I’ve reported before: forcing a massive shift from private to public insurance designed by government-knows-best
House and Senate Republicans plan separate investigations of the Obamacare waiver process. Who got when and why? Who knew whom? Who didn’t? HHS acknowledged Thursday that some 50 sanctuary seekers had their waiver applications denied, but would not say more. Perhaps the White House story-tellers, so eager to profile the “Voices of Health Reform,” can enlighten us.

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Obama’s Summer of Jobs, Or Not

As Biden continues his “Summer Of Recovery” stimulus propaganda tour the Obama economy continues its death spiral into a double dip recession despite the media and democrats still trying to blame old GW. Obama and most of his administration have never held a private sector job or been responsible for meeting a payroll deadline. Why does anybody think this band of socialist could ever create a private sector job. All the stimulus accomplished was to send almost a trillion dollars of taxpayer cash out the door while no tax receipts where coming in to pay the bill. With Obamacare about to devastate the economy its no big shocker companies are not hiring, why add more costs. Is anybody but the Democrats and the media so delusional not to see that even the Dems know how bad this crap is going to hammer the economy. Why do you think its full damage is not scheduled to kick in until after the 2012 elections and why would they need four years to build up cash to pay for it. People all over are already seeing massive hikes in insurance and medical costs. Did the Obamacare bill address frivolous lawsuits from trial lawyers, how about fraud or the costs associated with 11+ million illegal immigrants. Did the Obama wall street reform bill address Fannie Mae or Fannie Mac, did Obama add anything to his Wall Street reform bill to stop banks from being forced to give mortgages to people who have no chance in hell of ever paying there mortgages back. No instead they just built in more tax payer funded parachutes for lending institutions to continue these bad lending practices with no consequences. All these extra business costs are just going to be built into higher prices for the consumer. The one common theme among everything Obama, Pelosi and Reid have done for the economy is political paybacks and a lack of legislation in recent bills that address the harm caused by there cronies.

Obama Economy
Public Debt as of 28 Aug 2010

$ 1 3 , 3 8 3 , 9 7 2 , 4 4 6 , 0 6 1 . 7 7

The estimated population of the United States is 309,010,848
so each citizen’s share of this debt is $43,312.31.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$4.11 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

Nationwide unemployment 9.6%

Unemployment in Ohio 10.6%, here some surrounding counties.
* Crawford – 12.2%
* Defiance – 12.5%
* Fulton – 11.5%
* Hancock – 9.5%
* Henry – 11.7%
* Lucas – 12.1%
* Ottawa – 10.8
* Putnam – 9.3%
* Sandusky – 10.3%
* Seneca – 11.4%
* Williams – 13.5%
* Wood – 10.1%
* Wyandot – 12.0%

Revised GDP growth of 1.6

Home sale plunge 27 percent, lowest in 15 years

Imports surge to 26 year high

Obama jobs death toll: Layoffs, layoffs, layoffs
By Michelle Malkin • August 27, 2010 09:54 AM

The Summer of Wreckage turns to fall…

Children’s Hospitals plans to cut up to 250 jobs – “The provider — with campuses in Minneapolis and St. Paul — said Wednesday the down economy is forcing more children to rely on Medicaid.”

Nearly 400 StarKist Co. cannery workers lose jobs – “StarKist has had to contend with federally mandated minimum wage increases. Butler says other costs are also rising in such areas as utilities and transportation.”

Northrop Grumman announces more layoffs – “The Los Angeles-based company said it would reduce its work staff by 642 at its shipbuilding operations in Pascagoula, Miss., or about 5.8% of the facilities total workforce. That follows a notification earlier this month that it would layoff 300 employees at its facilities in Avondale, La., and Tallulah, La.”

Janitors protest layoffs in LA’s Century City – “Los Angeles police spokesman Richard French said about 300 people rallied outside JP Morgan Chase-owned Century Plaza Thursday afternoon and 13 were arrested for allegedly blocking traffic. He says the arrests were without incident. The custodians and their supporters from SEIU United Service Workers West called on JP Morgan to rehire their cleaning staff.”

Layoffs hit employees at county job center – “A Cumberland County government office that helps people find work is itself laying off eight staff members this fall, and the number might have been higher.”

Meriter: Public program shortfalls force job cuts- “Meriter Hospital said it’s not immune to the tough economy, laying off 57 employees…Meriter said it expects to lose about $57 million in 10 years once Health Care Reform is in place.”

13 States That Just Got Slammed With Massive Layoffs – “We’ve mined through to find the states with the most massive layoff events. A massive layoff event means 50 employees have filed for unemployment within 5-weeks, all from the same company. We’ve also highlighted July’s initial unemployment claims, and examples of layoffs hitting each state.”

10 Leading Retailers Close Stores; Exodus of Small Retailers Amidst Signs of “Free Rent”; 700,000 Drop Cable TV Subscriptions – “Signs of weak consumer discretionary spending are popping up in multiple places.”


FYI: I’ve created a new category called the “Obama Jobs Death Toll.” Just click on the link for the running archive. Keep sending your story tips and I’ll continue keeping track.


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