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Obama Declares War On America, Halts Deportation For Political Gains.

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Obama Halts All Deportation Of Illegal Criminals

With one stroke of his pen Barrack Hussein Obama has declared war on America. With his popularity dropping to record lows evening among his supporters Obama has started to look for votes anywhere he can find them. His order to halt deportations and work place raids is in effect amnesty for 11-20 million illegal alien criminals. The left and big business are forming up to do what they do, screw Americans at any cost. The progressive left have coined a new buzzword “Undocumented Aliens” but these people are criminals, every illegal alien violates multiple criminal statues when they sneak across our sovereign border. The violent drug cartels who basically control Mexico profit handsomely from smuggling these criminals. Obama is basically helping to support violent narco-terrororist by refusing to stop there human smuggling operations. I guess giving the cartels automatic weapons wasn’t enough. By refusing to secure our borders and encouraging this mass horde of people streaming into our cities Barrack Hussein Obama has declared war on America. His failure to enforce the laws of our nation are a being done purely to gain favor with Hispanics, Big Labor & Corporate donors looking for slave labor. With Obama’s economic policies bankrupting the treasury the last thing taxpayers need is 11-20 million plus new welfare recipients. With Obama’s economic disaster creating zero jobs the last thing out of work Americans need is these illegal alien criminals stealing jobs and depressing wages. During past recessions out of work Americans could get by picking up manual labor jobs, not anymore. The 11-20 million Illegals dilute the job pool and drive down wages. Jobs that once payed $12-14 dollars and hour now pay $6-7 dollars, the open border crowd is always pushing the fallacy that these poor folks just take jobs that Americans won’t. The reason Americans don’t want these jobs now is because they can’t feed there kids for what these jobs now pay thanks to the diluted job pool. Where are the already bankrupt states supposed to find the money to pay for these illegals? The economic costs are in the tens of billions to every state increased demands on hospitals, public safety, schools are all born by the local taxpayer. Liberals love to get the federal government to mandate there policies but they always fail to address the billions there lunacy costs.