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Obama Making Push To Reward Criminals.

Once again Barrack Hussein Obama is pushing to reward millions of criminals with Amnesty. This rewarding criminal activity for the sake of political favor is repulsive. This flood of criminals has driven down wages and cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. Thousands of folks line up everyday in front of our embassies all over the world trying to get there opportunity to emigrate hear and Obama’s amnesty is a slap in the face those people who play by the rules. The 11 million plus illegal aliens who violated our nations borders are nothing but criminals who do not deserve to live hear. We should be screening all those who want to come here so we can choose the best and the brightest who can add to our nation. The vast majority of illegal aliens are here just to reap economic benefits, they could care less about the country. Many in fact despise our country and western values and have no intention of melting in. Obama’s delusional if he thinks our borders are secure, the Border Patrol certaintly don’t think so.

CBP Skeptical Of DHS Border Security Claims

Like most of the Obama administration facts there usually gathered from “cooked books”, these clowns are incapable of telling the truth. Every thing Obama say’s is usually colored by who his audience is, regardless of the facts. As Commander-in-Chief he has failed miserable at protecting our nations sovereignty The violence in Mexico is spilling over our borders and American citizens are being murdered while Obama’s actions so far are pathetic and bordering on criminal behavior. His total failure to deploy the military is a dereliction of duty, no other country would allow this violence along there border to go unchecked. Every thing Obama say’s or does is political he has been in campaign mode every day of his disastrous presidency.

Obama Pushing Amnesty In Latest Speech

Washington ( – President Barack Obama’s commitment to providing legal status for illegal aliens is reflected in the time he has spent focusing on the country’s immigration laws in recent weeks, the White House said on Monday, one day before the president is set to deliver a national address on immigration in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso is across the border from Juarez, Mexico, a city where 3,111 civilians were murdered last year–more than in all of Afghanistan.

In recent weeks, Obama has met with current and former elected officials, business leaders and Hollywood celebrities – all of whom agree with his position on the matter – to promote comprehensive immigration reform.

Proponents call the proposal a “pathway to citizenship” for the roughly 12 million illegal aliens in the country, but critics call it “amnesty.”

“It will reflect his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Monday. “We weren’t able to achieve it in the first part of the president’s term but it remains a priority of the president, even though it’s hard. He takes on hard things because he believes they’re important to get done. Hard things often need bipartisan support.”

“One thing I would note,” Carney continued, “is there was bipartisan support at the highest levels of the Republican Party – including the president, George W. Bush, including Sen. John McCain, the Republican Party’s nominee in 2008.”

The proposal has even less support today, however, with McCain and other Republicans having largely reversed themselves on the issue.

Obama is likely less concerned about pushing the proposal than about appealing to a political base in the lead up to his 2012 reelection campaign, says Bob Dane, spokesman for the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, a pro-border enforcement group.

“If Bush couldn’t get an amnesty bill passed, any bipartisan consensus for an amnesty bill now is not possible,” Dane told

Dane wondered why the president has only talked about the matter with people who already agree with him.

“Where are the true stakeholders in immigration policy – the American people?” he asked. “They will pay the cost for immigration policy, but they don’t have a seat at the table with the far-left, big business and special interests.”

Obama will visit El Paso Tuesday to deliver remarks about immigration reform, before traveling to Austin for two fundraising events for the Democratic National Committee.

El Paso is one of nine Border Patrol sectors along the almost 2,000-mile-long U.S.-Mexico border, running from the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Ocean. Located directly across from the Mexican city of Juarez, it has been among the more dangerous border areas in recent years.

Carney declined to say whether Obama would raise any new aspects during the visit. He did indicate that “border security” would be on the agenda – but “not border security alone.”

“The number of border agents today is double what it was in 2004,” he said. “We’ve got triple the number of intelligence analysts working the boarder. We’ve deployed unmanned aerial vehicles that now patrol the border from Texas to California. We are screening 100 percent of southbound rail shipments to seize guns and money going south, even as we go after drugs coming north.”

Carney also stressed the economic impact of immigration.

“It is simply foolish as a matter of policy when we think about global competition, economic competition that we face in the 21st Century, to educate some of the smartest, most creative entrepreneurial young people from around the world in our universities, the finest in the world, and then not let them stay and start businesses to launch startups, to create jobs in America,” he said.

“[New York] Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg noted this fact – in recent years over 25 percent of high tech startups in the United States were founded by immigrants. We’ve been deporting 50,000 jobs.”


Obama Grants Amnesty To 250,000 Illegal Alien Criminals

According to the Houston Chronicle the Obama Administration at the direction of DHS John Morton is releasing up to 250,000 illegal alien criminals who are currently locked up. According to statements from ICE due to the huge backlog in the courts, illegals who have been here at least 2 years are being released and there cases dismissed. Every single illegal alien is a criminal and now John Morton at the direction of Barrack Hussein Obama is granting defacto amnesty to the criminals who have absolutely shown no respect for our rule of law. Why should anybody obey our laws, apparently if your a supporter or donor to the Democrats you get a pass. Americans are going to have to revolt and take this country back from these bought and paid for politicians from both parties. In to many cases nowaday there are not alot of differences between parties, they cut these backdoor deals all the time. The common theme among these idiots is they both seem to have no problem selling out the middle-class for short term political benefits. The Obama administration is setting a record at it these backdoor Chicago style deals unmatched in the history of the republic. There is no way the taxpayers can afford to be burdened with millions of dead beat lazy immigrants who demand benefits and services payed for by hard working Americans. If the courts are backed up its because the Obama administration is preventing these illegal alien criminals from being deported. Why are these criminals even being held, there is no excuse for illegally violating the borders of our nation that crime alone should be enough to instantly ship these criminals back wherever the came from. The Obama, Pelosi & Reid crew is so obsessed with tearing this country apart with there lunacy there just seems to be no end to there mockery of our laws and national borders

Obama’s Mass Amnesty Plan

Its no shocker that Obama is once again going against the will of the people to implement his far left agenda. The administration is hell bent on dragging this country as far down as possible while there in control. Giving amnesty to 11 million criminals is an unforgivable action, this amnesty nonsense just makes a mockery of our rule of law. Why have laws at all if your going to practice selective enforcement. If the Obama administration is so concerned about the federal governments importance when it pertains to immigration why not go after sanctuary cities. If there so concerned about Arizona why not sue cities who violate federal immigration laws by refusing to cooperate with ICE. Every single action this administration takes in based on answering to the anti-American far left of the Democratic Party no matter the damage it will inflict on the nation. Obama has done everything possible to divide and conquer, purging this menace is the only hope we have left.

Obama’s Mass Amnesty Plan

USCIS Memo Details Administration’s Plan to Provide Mass Amnesty Through Administrative Actions

Thursday, July 29, 2010, 2:35 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA

A newly revealed memo, obtained by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) who is leading the fight against amnesty, shows Obama Administration officials offering a detailed plan that would offer actual or de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens without Congress ever taking a vote.

The 11-page memo, drafted by Chief of Policy and Strategy for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Denise Vanison, outlines the various ways to offer a mass amnesty to the nation’s 11-18 million illegal aliens through the use of administrative actions. The stated purpose of the memo is to offer “administrative relief options to promote family unity, foster economic growth, achieve significant process improvements and reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization.”

“The memo proposes 18 different ways for the Obama Administration to essentially eliminate our borders through regulatory fiat and in clear violation of the letter and the spirit of U.S. immigration laws, which Obama swore an oath to faithfully execute,” said NumbersUSA’s Director of Government Relations Rosemary Jenks.

The memo is an alternative plan to amnesty “in the absence of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” In addition to using deferred action and parole, which were previously identified in two separate letters drafted by Sen. Grassely and signed by 11 other Senators (read the first and second letters), the memo outlines ways that USCIS can extend benefits and protections to individuals and groups of people by lessening the standards used in “extreme hardship” cases.

Item 4 in the memo outlines ways the Obama Administration can provide amnesty for millions of illegal aliens through the “extreme hardship” provision. It would “encourage many more spouses, sons, and daughters of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to seek relief without fear of removal. It would also increase the likelihood that such relief would be granted.” Section 4 reads:

Lessen the Standard for Demonstrating “Extreme Hardship”

The Act at 212(a)(9)(B)(i)(I) and (II) renders inadmissible for 3 or 10 years individuals who have been unlawfully present in the U.S. for 180 days or one year respectively, and then depart. By statute, DHS has discretion to waive these grounds of inadmissibility for spouses, sons and daughters of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents if the refusal to admit such individuals would result in extreme hardship to their qualifying relatives. Generally, the “extreme hardship” standard has been narrowly construed by USCIS.

To increase the number of individuals applying for waivers, and improve their chances of receiving them, CIS could issue guidance or a regulation specifying a lower evidentiary standard for “extreme hardship.” This would promote family unity, and avoid the significant human and financial costs associated with waiver denial decisions born of an overly rigid standard. This revised standard would also complement expanded use of PIP as set forth in B.

In addition to lessening the standard for demonstrating “extreme hardship”, the memo details many more options that “have the potential to result in meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action.”

Other options include: allowing aliens in the United States under Temporary Protected Status to adjust their status to Legal Permanent Resident, extending “grace periods” to leave the country for aliens on temporary work visa, changing the distribution time line for temporary workers on the H-2B visa, and granting up to 240 additional days on applications for employment authorization when the application is filed before the work authorization expiration date.

Denise Vanison has been an immigration attorney for more than 18 years. She advised multi-national and domestic corporate clients on employment of foreign nationals in the United States, I-9 employment verification and procurement of passports, visas, green cards and U.S. citizenship.

The memo was drafted for Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas. In addition to Denise Vanison, Roxana Bacon from the Chief Councel’s office, Debra Rogers from Field Operations, and Donald Neufield from Service Center Operations were also listed as authors of the memo.

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Obama sells out America yet again

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Friday that the Obama administration is planning on including amnesty for illegal aliens already in the United States.
Both Republican Business & Leftist Democrats are teaming up to pass yet another Amnesty for illegal “criminal” aliens. The jobless rate is still rising and these groups are hard at work killing the middle class. Its the middle getting screwed from both ends by big business wanting low pay workers and leftist like the SEIU building rank and file leftist unions rolls.

SEIU Tactics

It’s bad enough these illegals drive down wages and take jobs from Americans they also cost tax payers billions of dollars every year in healthcare, schools & prisons.  It’s the middle class whom get stuck paying there bills, illegals send tens of billions of un-taxed dollars back to there relatives every year which means less income generated in taxes where they reside. In Arizona when a proof of citizenship law was passed for hiring, wages increased. Few believe the number is 14million illegals, its estimated to be double that by experts. That’s alot of jobs and income flowing away from middle class tax paying Americans.


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