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Obama & Dems sellout Americans

The recent dust up around South Carolinas (R) Joe Wilson yelling “You Lie” at yet another Obama speech has missed the point. Obama and his leftist allies in congress are attempting to open the flood gates to uneducated hordes of illegal immigrants including violent criminals and gang members.


Legal status after 24 hours even without complete background checks.

U.S. Tax payer funded lawyers for Illegal Immigrants.

Permanent “temporary visas”  thru unlimited renewals.

Amnesty for Illegal alien gang members.

U.S. Tax payer money to pay Mexicans to stay in Mexico. You think they will have to pay it back when they change there minds and  illegally cross the border. Sounds like Welfare for Mexico.

No back taxes for the 20+ million illegals after Amnesty. After one year Illegals will get the “Earned income tax credit”

Democrats would fast track  the “North American Union” that would basically erase our borders.

U.S. taxpayer funded college tuition

Amnesty for Illegals already deported.

These are but a few of the proposals Obama, Pelosi and Reed are putting forward. And you really beleive that illeagals will not receive  U.S. taxpayer funded healthcare.

Join and support NumbersUsa  if this pisses you off.


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  1. September 14, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    The illegals WILL receive healthcare.

    The Supreme Court ruled long ago.


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