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Obama Still Doesn’t Get It, More Wastefull Spending.

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Obama Proposes More Wasteful Spending

Another Obama Stimulus Boondoggle

You really have to wonder if Barack Hussein Obama was dropped on his head as a baby, he apparently is mentally challenged or such a slave to his socialist dogma he cannot change course even if it means destroying our economy. His economic policies are failing horrible and now he is proposing more of the same. The whole pitch for his almost one trillion dollar Stimulus 1.0 was it would be packed full of “Shovel Ready” infrastructure projects that would light a fire to the ailing economy. Well two years out unemployment is still rising and there are no signs at all off the recession ending. This week his big plan to revive the dismal economy is Stimilus 1.5 that just continues his failed big government socialist agenda. If the almost trillion dollars spent already didn’t work why in the hell would 80 billion more do anything at all. The so called shovel ready infrastructure ended up bailing out union pension funds and funding all sort of lunatic projects aimed at paying back his political cronies.

*Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida used $15,551 in stimulus money to pay two researchers to study how alcohol affects a mouse’s motor functions.
*The U.S. government handed over a staggering $54 million in “stimulus cash” to Connecticut’s politically-connected Mohegan Indian tribe, which runs one of the highest grossing casinos in the country.
*Syracuse professor of psychology Michael Carey received $219,000 in federal stimulus money for a study that examines the sex patterns of college women.
*$1.15 million in stimulus funds was allocated for the installation of a new guard rail around the non-existent Optima Lake in Oklahoma.
*Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo received $389,000 to pay 100 residents of Buffalo $45 each to record how much malt liquor they drink and how much pot they smoke each day. Instead of spending nearly $400,000, the U.S. government could have achieved the same goal by having a couple of scientists join a fraternity.
*$100,000 in federal stimulus funds were used for a martini bar and a brazilian steakhouse.
*A dinner cruise company in Chicago got nearly $1 million in stimulus funds to combat terrorism.
*$233,000 in stimulus money went to the University of California at San Diego to study why Africans vote.
*The Cactus Bug Project at the University Of Florida was allocated $325,394 in stimulus funds to study the mating decisions of cactus bugs. According to the project proposal, one of the questions that will be answered by the study is this: “Whether males with large weapons are more or less attractive to females.”
*One Denver developer received $13 million in tax credits to construct a senior housing complex despite that fact that the same developer is being sued as a slumlord for running rodent-infested apartment buildings in the city of San Francisco.
*Sheltering Arms Senior Services was awarded a contract worth $22.3 million in stimulus money to weatherize homes for poor families in Houston, Texas – but a new report from Texas Watchdog says that the weatherization work was performed so badly that 33 of the 53 homes will need to be completely redone.
*A liberal theater in Minnesota named “In the Heart of the Beast” (in reference to a well known quote by communist radical Che Guevara) received $100,000 for socially conscious puppet shows.
*California’s inspector general found that $1 million in stimulus funds for a program to give summer jobs to young people was improperly used for overhead expenses such as rent and utility bills.
*Landon Cox, a Duke University assistant professor of computer science, was awarded $498,000 in stimulus money to study Facebook.
*The town of Union, New York is being urged to spend $578,000 in stimulus money that it did not request for a homelessness problem that it claims it does not have.
*Lastly, who could forget the $3.4 million “ecopassage” to help turtles cross a highway in Tallahassee, Florida?

Yes, the U.S. government sure knows how to waste money.
And the truth is that there is simply no way that the U.S. government would have been able to accumulate a debt of over $13 trillion dollars (and growing exponentially) without being incredibly skilled at wasting money.
In fact, the Pentagon says that there are literally trillions of dollars that it cannot account for.

Stimulus Waste
More Stimulus Waste
Stimulus Corruption

The list of waste could fill page after page but you get the point, the current earmarks in the Democrats budgets could fill even more pages.
While your sitting down next time paying bills take a minute to add up all the mickey mouse taxes. Between Local,State and Federal taxes the
middle-class taxpayer is being hammered from all sides, and the way its being wasted is absolutely disgraceful. Here in Ohio even after all
Obama, Pelosi and Reid’s obscene spending spree of your hard earned income many counties are still experiencing unemployment levels of 10 to almost 16 percent.

Highland County 15.8%
Meigs 15.3%
Noble 14.7%
Pike 14.5%
Monroe 14.1%
Adams 14.0%

Most of the 88 other counties are not much different, and yet they keep spending our future away.

The Mother of All Big Dig Boondoggles
By Michelle Malkin • September 8, 2010 09:11 AM

Obama’s $50 Billion Union Infrastructure Boondoggle
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2010

President Obama calls his latest attempt to revive the economy a “Plan to Renew and Expand America’s Roads, Railways and Runways.” I’m calling it “The Mother of all Big Dig Boondoggles.” Like the infamous “Big Dig” highway spending project in Boston, this latest White House infrastructure spending binge guarantees only two results: Taxpayers lose; unions win.

The plan would add at least $50 billion more to the nearly $230 billion already allocated in the original trillion-dollar stimulus law for infrastructure. Less than one-third of that infrastructure stimulus money has been spent, but the urgency to pile on has increased exponentially as the midterm elections approach and unemployment hovers near 10 percent. So, the president says he wants to “put people back to work” through a new “upfront investment” in surface transportation, airports and the air-traffic control system paid for by repealing tax incentives for the oil and gas industries — followed by massive, unpaid-for expenditures on pie-in-the-sky high-speed rail, “environmental sustainability” and “livability,” whatever that means.

Obama spoke emotionally at an AFL-CIO rally on Labor Day about unemployed construction workers. A “lot of those folks, they had lost their jobs in manufacturing and went into construction; now they’ve lost their jobs again,” he said. “It doesn’t do anybody any good when so many hardworking Americans have been idled for months, even years, at a time when there is so much of America that needs rebuilding.”

But here’s the rub: Not all workers are equal in Obama’s eyes. And most of them will remain “idled” by the Democrats’ own design. The key is E.O. 13502, a union-friendly executive order signed by Obama in his first weeks in office, which essentially forces contractors who bid on large-scale public construction projects worth $25 million or more to submit to union representation for its employees.

The blunt instrument used to give unions a leg up is the “project labor agreement (PLA),” which in theory sets reasonable pre-work terms and conditions — but in practice, requires contractors to hand over exclusive bargaining control; to pay inflated, above-market wages and benefits; and to fork over dues money and pension funding to corrupt, cash-starved labor organizations. These anti-competitive agreements undermine a fair bidding process on projects that locked-out, nonunion laborers are funding with their own tax dollars. And these PLAs benefit the privileged few at the expense of the vast majority: In the construction industry, 85 percent of the workforce is nonunion by choice.

We don’t need to theorize about how this shakedown works in the real world. Boston’s notorious Big Dig was a union-only construction project thanks to a Massachusetts government-mandated PLA. The original $2.8 billion price tag for the project skyrocketed to $22 billion in state and federal taxpayer subsidies thanks in no small part to ballooning labor costs. In February, the Bay State’s Beacon Hill Institute found that PLAs added 12 percent to 18 percent to school construction costs in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In Washington, D.C., the Department of Veterans Affairs commissioned an independent study showing that PLAs would increase hospital construction costs by as much as 9 percent in some markets.

In short, Obama’s new Union Infrastructure Rescue Plan is a political favoritism scheme that raises the cost of doing business and bars tens of thousands of skilled, nonunion laborers who choose to run open shops from securing work. In the name of patching up America’s highways and byways, Mr. Fix It would create another gaping fiscal sinkhole to appease his special interest donors. Recovery Summer turns to Union Payback Fall.

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Obama’s Summer of Jobs, Or Not

As Biden continues his “Summer Of Recovery” stimulus propaganda tour the Obama economy continues its death spiral into a double dip recession despite the media and democrats still trying to blame old GW. Obama and most of his administration have never held a private sector job or been responsible for meeting a payroll deadline. Why does anybody think this band of socialist could ever create a private sector job. All the stimulus accomplished was to send almost a trillion dollars of taxpayer cash out the door while no tax receipts where coming in to pay the bill. With Obamacare about to devastate the economy its no big shocker companies are not hiring, why add more costs. Is anybody but the Democrats and the media so delusional not to see that even the Dems know how bad this crap is going to hammer the economy. Why do you think its full damage is not scheduled to kick in until after the 2012 elections and why would they need four years to build up cash to pay for it. People all over are already seeing massive hikes in insurance and medical costs. Did the Obamacare bill address frivolous lawsuits from trial lawyers, how about fraud or the costs associated with 11+ million illegal immigrants. Did the Obama wall street reform bill address Fannie Mae or Fannie Mac, did Obama add anything to his Wall Street reform bill to stop banks from being forced to give mortgages to people who have no chance in hell of ever paying there mortgages back. No instead they just built in more tax payer funded parachutes for lending institutions to continue these bad lending practices with no consequences. All these extra business costs are just going to be built into higher prices for the consumer. The one common theme among everything Obama, Pelosi and Reid have done for the economy is political paybacks and a lack of legislation in recent bills that address the harm caused by there cronies.

Obama Economy
Public Debt as of 28 Aug 2010

$ 1 3 , 3 8 3 , 9 7 2 , 4 4 6 , 0 6 1 . 7 7

The estimated population of the United States is 309,010,848
so each citizen’s share of this debt is $43,312.31.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$4.11 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

Nationwide unemployment 9.6%

Unemployment in Ohio 10.6%, here some surrounding counties.
* Crawford – 12.2%
* Defiance – 12.5%
* Fulton – 11.5%
* Hancock – 9.5%
* Henry – 11.7%
* Lucas – 12.1%
* Ottawa – 10.8
* Putnam – 9.3%
* Sandusky – 10.3%
* Seneca – 11.4%
* Williams – 13.5%
* Wood – 10.1%
* Wyandot – 12.0%

Revised GDP growth of 1.6

Home sale plunge 27 percent, lowest in 15 years

Imports surge to 26 year high

Obama jobs death toll: Layoffs, layoffs, layoffs
By Michelle Malkin • August 27, 2010 09:54 AM

The Summer of Wreckage turns to fall…

Children’s Hospitals plans to cut up to 250 jobs – “The provider — with campuses in Minneapolis and St. Paul — said Wednesday the down economy is forcing more children to rely on Medicaid.”

Nearly 400 StarKist Co. cannery workers lose jobs – “StarKist has had to contend with federally mandated minimum wage increases. Butler says other costs are also rising in such areas as utilities and transportation.”

Northrop Grumman announces more layoffs – “The Los Angeles-based company said it would reduce its work staff by 642 at its shipbuilding operations in Pascagoula, Miss., or about 5.8% of the facilities total workforce. That follows a notification earlier this month that it would layoff 300 employees at its facilities in Avondale, La., and Tallulah, La.”

Janitors protest layoffs in LA’s Century City – “Los Angeles police spokesman Richard French said about 300 people rallied outside JP Morgan Chase-owned Century Plaza Thursday afternoon and 13 were arrested for allegedly blocking traffic. He says the arrests were without incident. The custodians and their supporters from SEIU United Service Workers West called on JP Morgan to rehire their cleaning staff.”

Layoffs hit employees at county job center – “A Cumberland County government office that helps people find work is itself laying off eight staff members this fall, and the number might have been higher.”

Meriter: Public program shortfalls force job cuts- “Meriter Hospital said it’s not immune to the tough economy, laying off 57 employees…Meriter said it expects to lose about $57 million in 10 years once Health Care Reform is in place.”

13 States That Just Got Slammed With Massive Layoffs – “We’ve mined through to find the states with the most massive layoff events. A massive layoff event means 50 employees have filed for unemployment within 5-weeks, all from the same company. We’ve also highlighted July’s initial unemployment claims, and examples of layoffs hitting each state.”

10 Leading Retailers Close Stores; Exodus of Small Retailers Amidst Signs of “Free Rent”; 700,000 Drop Cable TV Subscriptions – “Signs of weak consumer discretionary spending are popping up in multiple places.”


FYI: I’ve created a new category called the “Obama Jobs Death Toll.” Just click on the link for the running archive. Keep sending your story tips and I’ll continue keeping track.


Related: Weak GDP raises stakes for Obama, Fed – Growth figures are expected to show the economy is almost at a standstill, but the government is running out of options to rebuild momentum.

Stimulus Payback

December 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Stimulus payback to Obama voters

Another sign of the Obama administrations politics of redistribution and payback was unveiled recently when the Mercatus Center at George Mason University totaled up the numbers provided by the Obama administrations own site showing the blatant corruption involved in awarding stimulus dollars.

A total of 56,399 contracts and grants totaling $157,028,362,536 were awarded in this first quarter for which reports are available. The number of jobs claimed as created or saved is 638,826.54—an average of $245,807.51 per job.

The total amount awarded to public entities (such as municipalities and state agencies) is $87,865,102,272. However, some of this money may have ultimately found its way to private subgrantees or subcontractors. The total amount awarded to private contractors and grantees is $69,163,260,264. While public entities received 45.696 percent of the number of all awards, these awards constituted over half of the dollars awarded (55.955 percent).

Party Affiliation

For our analysis, we looked at the 435 congressional districts in the United States plus the District of Columbia, but excluded Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and foreign stimulus recipients, such as Canada. The average number of awards per district is 128, and the average dollar amount awarded per district is $355,103,891.

There are 177 districts represented by Republicans and 259 represented by Democrats. On average, Democratic districts received 1.6 times more awards than Republican ones. The average number of awards per Republican district is 94, while the average number of awards per Democratic district is 152.

Democratic districts also received 1.89 times more stimulus dollars than Republican districts. The average dollars awarded per Republican district is $232,047,857, while the average dollars awarded per Democratic district is $439,200,100. In total, Democratic districts received 73.47 percent of the total stimulus funds awarded. In terms of numbers of awards, Republican districts received 29.77 percent of the total, while Democratic districts received 70.22 percent.

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No Jobs Summit For You

Obama snubs biz groups at jobs summit

The Obama administration once again proved there is no end to there politics of retribution. Here in Ohio 83% of stimulus funds have gone to districts that voted for King Obama. After nationalizing GM and forcing dealerships to close it was no shock that dealers who where (R) where targeted for closure. The GM bond holders also got screwed by the King and his cronies, it seems there almost no level of corrupt favoritism the (D) won’t engage in. There bend over approach to leftist unions has no ends, they apparently think jobs are created by magic job ferries.

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Stimulus Jobs Another Obama Shame

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Fudged Stimulus Numbers

Damn Lies

Surprise surprise the numbers of jobs created by Obamas stimulus plan are bogus, kinda like the cash 4 clunkers disaster. When will these idiots in Washington get it into there thick skulls that government is incapable of doing anything right. The bailouts and takeovers where a disaster and now the stimulus bill is another example of taxpayer money being wasted by morons. All that Obama managed to bailout where his union and Wall street supporters. I am sure the average mom could have gotten a lot more “bang 4 the buck” then any politician. The obscene amounts spent to create each job could of bought a lot a groceries and school cloths for most families for many years. When families spend there hard earned dollars it also creates local jobs that benefit there home towns. The stimulus spending is only adding to the nations debt and driving down the value of the dollar. This becomes a sort of double tax by diluting the buying power of the consumer. Everything the government does comes in over budget and unreliable.

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