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It’s your money!

The politicians just continue to spend billions of tax payer dollars every day while our debt is growing at such a rate that we will never be able to service it. The “Bridge to Nowhere” projects are bad enough, but the Democrat led majority has lost’s there goddamn minds. The (D) are now spending billions more on foreign aid to countries that our enemies and working against our interests. What’s next a few billion to Iran for centrifuges, how about free air fare for Al-Qaeda to New York. They portray opponents as Nazi’s & Nut’s and cannot grasp the concept that Americans our pissed off because there spending money that we work for. The Clinton’s and Obama’s along with most of the congress have spent there entire lives receiving taxpayer funded salaries. There assault on capitalism is typical of liberal elitist who have never had to earn a paycheck or be responsible for cutting payroll checks. Next April when your working on your taxes maybe you can help the congress save some money. Just make the check out to Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro.

Fox News – Tracking Taxes-Billions-aid-Despots

* $98 million to persuade Kim Jong-il of North Korea to give up nuclear weapons
* $20 million for political prisoners and political rights in Castro’s Cuba
* $6 million to promote civil society in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela
* $500,000 for border security in Muammar al-Qaddafi’s Libya
* $26 million to help train police in Evo Morales’ Bolivia
* $56 million to support the rule of law and human rights in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, arguably one of the world’s richest
* $360 million to Jordan to advance political reforms and make local health improvements
* $250 million for Egypt to push political and economic reforms
* $109 million to help foster democracy in Lebanon
* $400 million to the Palestinian Authority, which doesn’t even represent the 1.5 million residents of Gaza
* $200 million to integrate Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina into the EU
* $177 million to fight greenhouse gas emissions in other countries
* $90 million promote energy independence and sound economic policy in former Soviet bloc Ukraine
* $62 million to develop a more vibrant civil society in Georgia
* $11 million to encourage reunification in Cyprus, which hasn’t happened in 35 years
* $28 million on peace in Somalia, where pirates room free, and there is no actual government
* $3 million for climate change in Jordan

Fox News segment on NIH stimulas grants.

“Vice president Joe Biden said yesterday he can’t believe how well the stimulus program is going'”

Fox News – NIH Wasting Stimulus Money

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