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Is MSNBC A NEWS Channel or Loony Bin?

The folks at MSNBC must have a daily contest to see who can go the longest without there medication.  In there zeal to shill for the Obama administration Martin Bashir has really lost it. The Obama, Pelosi and Reid crowd is in full court press trying to blame the Tea Party for there failure to pass a budget in over 2 years and dong nothing to address the obscene federal deficit, despite having 100% control of the House, Senate and White House. And being loyal Obama boot lickers MSNBC is in full court press to please there progressive overlords. The Tea Party is a movement of Americans who believe America is at its greatest when the citizen is free to prosper and live free from Federal government interference in our family’s live. The radical left fears this challenge to there euro-trash socialist agenda, this is why you see such comical howling from the jackals. The Republicans have held one half of one third of the government since only 2010. The Tea Party caucus is smaller then that, the movement must be doing something right by how hysterical the Democrats and there media mouthpiece’s are. The fact that many freshman Tea-Party house members are actually doing what they promised to do just freaks out the Washington Elite.

Bashir Brings on Addiction Expert to Analyze Tea Party: ‘Delusion  and Psychosis’ – ‘Could Become Violent’

        By:      Noel  Sheppard      |    August 03, 2011 | 20:59

The media attacks on the Tea Party are becoming truly deplorable.

On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir actually brought on an addiction  specialist to analyze the nation’s most powerful conservative movement, and his  opinions were nothing less than vile (video follows with transcript and  commentary):

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’60s Generation’ Liberal Howard Fineman Compares Tea Party … to 60s Protesters(!)
By: Jack Coleman | August 03, 2011 | 19:19

Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman veered into left-wing heresy on the Rachel Maddow show the other night. Fortunately, another leftist was on hand to point out Fineman’s apostasy, which he duly renounced.

You see, over in MSNBC land, nothing is worse than the tea party — or “teabaggers” as more unhinged guests such as ambulance chaser Mike Papantonio still like calling them. To MSNBCers, the tea party represents all that’s bad in America — racism, greed, xenophobia, bad fashion, poor spelling, the works.

So it was a bit of a shock to hear Fineman on Friday comparing tea partiers to previously venerated — at least on the left — protesters who occupied campus administration buildings way back in the swinging ’60s, man. (video after page break)

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Ignoring Senate’s Failure to Act, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Blames House GOP for Leaving Furloughed FAA Workers ‘In the Lurch’
By: Alex Fitzsimmons | August 03, 2011 | 17:58

If all you knew about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization controversy was what MSNBC’s Martin Bashir told you on August 3, you’d only know that it exists and that House Republicans are at fault.

Bashir claimed the thousands of furloughed FAA workers should blame Republican intransigence, but the truth is that the Democratic-controlled Senate let funding for the agency expire over proposed changes to airline unionization rules and cuts in subsidies to rural airports, including one in Sen. Harry Reid’s home state of Nevada.



Chris Matthews: Southern ‘Secessionists’ Want to ‘Kill’ Obama…’Politically’
By: Scott Whitlock | August 03, 2011 | 17:45

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews took his hateful attacks on conservatives to a new level, Wednesday, smearing the Tea Party as “southern” “secessionists” who want to “kill” Obama. The Hardball host quickly amended, “politically.”

After guest Howard Fineman suggested Republicans have opposed the President from the start, the Hardball anchor retorted, “What? ‘We hate you, want to kill you–’ politically.”

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Maybe Keith Olbermann isn’t the biggest @SS#%$ at MSNBC

Just when you thought MSNBC could not find another @$$hole, out pops another one. Someone really should up there Prozac at MSNBC, there beyond nuts.

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