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As the Democrats get more hysterical about the debt limit, its more apparent they don’t give a damn about taxpayers. Obama and the Democrats look at working American taxpayers as a funding source for there political ambitions. Every single TAXPAYER has to balance there personal budgets and god forbid you don’t pay your taxes, what makes the politicians so damn special. The Democrats and way too may Republicans live in a world of no constraints because there are no consequences for there actions. The Cut, Cap and Balance bill would cut a miniscule $111 billion dollars from a $3.8 trillion dollar budget. This is what happens when you have an elitist class of professional politicians. Without a balanced budget requirement to limit the runaway spending and term limits nothing will ever change. The current system basically is fixed, these elitist once elected have to raise huge warchest for the next campaign. From day one once in office they commence paying back supporters with large payoffs of taxpayers hard earned dollars. Obama’s record spending and radical-left policies are the text book case, Big Labor, Wall Street and Hollywood are just a few of many who received taxpayer funded payouts. How much of your “Contribution To The IRS” will be wasted if Barrack Hussein Obama raises a record shattering $ dollars for his campaign and is re-elected? With 50% of the country paying ZERO TAXES, you can imagine what’s coming for those who do pay taxes. So when you see the Democrats running TV ads showing Republicans pushing granny of a cliff and whining about loopholes REMEMBER why  there trying so hard to relieve you of your sweat and equity.

50 Examples of Government Waste

  • The federal government made at least  $72 billion in improper payments in 2008.[1]
  • Washington spends $92 billion  on corporate welfare (excluding TARP) versus $71 billion on homeland security.[2]
  • Washington spends $25 billion  annually maintaining unused or vacant federal properties.[3]
  • Government auditors spent the past  five years examining all federal programs and found that 22 percent of them  costing taxpayers a total of $123 billion annually — fail to show any  positive impact on the populations they serve.[4]
  • The Congressional Budget Office  published a “Budget Options” series identifying more than $100 billion in  potential spending cuts.[5]
  • Examples from multiple Government  Accountability Office (GAO) reports of wasteful duplication include 342  economic development programs; 130 programs serving the disabled  130 programs serving at-risk youth; 90 early childhood development  programs; 75 programs funding international education, cultural, and  training exchange activities; and 72 safe water programs.[6]
  • Washington will spend $2.6  million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job.[7]
  • A GAO audit classified nearly  half of all purchases on government credit cards as improper, fraudulent, or  embezzled. Examples of taxpayer-funded purchases include gambling, mortgage  payments, liquor, lingerie, iPods, Xboxes, jewelry, Internet dating services,  and Hawaiian vacations. In one extraordinary example, the Postal Service spent  $13,500 on one dinner at a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, including “over 200  appetizers and over $3,000 of alcohol, including more than 40 bottles of wine  costing more than $50 each and brand-name liquor such as Courvoisier, Belvedere  and Johnny Walker Gold.” The 81 guests consumed an average of $167 worth of food  and drink apiece.[8]
  • Federal agencies are delinquent on  nearly 20 percent of employee travel charge cards, costing taxpayers hundreds  of millions of dollars annually.[9]
  • The Securities and Exchange  Commission spent $3.9 million rearranging desks and offices at its  Washington, D.C., headquarters.[10]
  • The Pentagon recently spent  $998,798 shipping two 19-cent washers from South Carolina to Texas and  $293,451 sending an 89-cent washer from South Carolina to Florida.[11]
  • Over half of all farm  subsidies go to commercial farms, which report average household incomes of  $200,000.[12]
  • Health care fraud is estimated to  cost taxpayers more than $60 billion annually.[13]
  • A GAO audit found that 95 Pentagon  weapons systems suffered from a combined $295 billion in cost overruns.[14]
  • The refusal of many federal  employees to fly coach costs taxpayers $146 million annually in flight  upgrades.[15]
  • Washington will spend $126  million in 2009 to enhance the Kennedy family legacy in Massachusetts.  Additionally, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) diverted $20 million from the 2010  defense budget to subsidize a new Edward M. Kennedy Institute.[16]
  • Federal investigators have launched  more than 20 criminal fraud investigations related to the TARP financial  bailout.[17]
  • Despite trillion-dollar deficits,  last year’s 10,160 earmarks included $200,000 for a tattoo removal  program in Mission Hills, California; $190,000 for the Buffalo Bill  Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming; and $75,000 for the Totally Teen Zone  in Albany, Georgia.[18]
  • The federal government owns more  than 50,000 vacant homes.[19]
  • The Federal Communications  Commission spent $350,000 to sponsor NASCAR driver David Gilliland.[20]
  • Members of Congress have spent  hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars supplying their offices with  popcorn machines, plasma televisions, DVD equipment, ionic air fresheners,  camcorders, and signature machines — plus $24,730 leasing a Lexus,  $1,434 on a digital camera, and $84,000 on personalized  calendars.[21]
  • More than $13 billion in  Iraq aid has been classified as wasted or stolen. Another $7.8 billion  cannot be accounted for.[22]
  • Fraud related to Hurricane Katrina  spending is estimated to top $2 billion. In addition, debit cards  provided to hurricane victims were used to pay for Caribbean vacations, NFL  tickets, Dom Perignon champagne, “Girls Gone Wild” videos, and at least one sex  change operation.[23]
  • Auditors discovered that  900,000 of the 2.5 million recipients of emergency Katrina assistance  provided false names, addresses, or Social Security numbers or submitted  multiple applications.[24]
  • Congress recently gave Alaska  Airlines $500,000 to paint a Chinook salmon on a Boeing 737.[25]
  • The Transportation Department will  subsidize up to $2,000 per flight for direct flights between Washington,  D.C., and the small hometown of Congressman Hal Rogers (R-KY) — but only on  Monday mornings and Friday evenings, when lawmakers, staff, and lobbyists  usually fly. Rogers is a member of the Appropriations Committee, which writes  the Transportation Department’s budget.[26]
  • Washington has spent $3  billion re-sanding beaches — even as this new sand washes back into the  ocean.[27]
  • A Department of Agriculture report  concedes that much of the $2.5 billion in “stimulus” funding for  broadband Internet will be wasted.[28]
  • The Defense Department wasted  $100 million on unused flight tickets and never bothered to collect  refunds even though the tickets were refundable.[29]
  • Washington spends $60,000 per  hour shooting Air Force One photo-ops in front of national landmarks.[30]
  • Over one recent 18-month period,  Air Force and Navy personnel used government-funded credit cards to charge at  least $102,400 on admission to entertainment events, $48,250 on  gambling, $69,300 on cruises, and $73,950 on exotic dance clubs  and prostitutes.[31]
  • Members of Congress are set to pay  themselves $90 million to increase their franked mailings for the 2010  election year.[32]
  • Congress has ignored efficiency  recommendations from the Department of Health and Human Services that would save  $9 billion annually.[33]
  • Taxpayers are funding paintings of  high-ranking government officials at a cost of up to $50,000 apiece.[34]
  • The state of Washington sent $1  food stamp checks to 250,000 households in order to raise state caseload figures  and trigger $43 million in additional federal funds.[35]
  • Suburban families are receiving large farm subsidies for the  grass in their backyards — subsidies that many of these families never  requested and do not want. [36]
  • Congress appropriated $20  million for “commemoration of success” celebrations related to Iraq and  Afghanistan.[37]
  • Homeland Security employee  purchases include 63-inch plasma TVs, iPods, and $230 for a beer brewing  kit.[38]
  • Two drafting errors in the 2005  Deficit Reduction Act resulted in a $2 billion taxpayer cost.[39]
  • North Ridgeville, Ohio, received  $800,000 in “stimulus” funds for a project that its mayor described as “a  long way from the top priority.”[40]
  • The National Institutes of Health  spends $1.3 million per month to rent a lab that it cannot use.[41]
  • Congress recently spent $2.4  billion on 10 new jets that the Pentagon insists it does not need and will  not use.[42]
  • Lawmakers diverted $13  million from Hurricane Katrina relief spending to build a museum celebrating  the Army Corps of Engineers — the agency partially responsible for the failed  levees that flooded New Orleans.[43]
  • Medicare officials recently mailed  $50 million in erroneous refunds to 230,000 Medicare recipients.[44]
  • Audits showed $34 billion  worth of Department of Homeland Security contracts contained significant waste,  fraud, and abuse.[45]
  • Washington recently spent $1.8  million to help build a private golf course in Atlanta, Georgia.[46]
  • The Advanced Technology Program  spends $150 million annually subsidizing private businesses; 40 percent  of this funding goes to Fortune 500 companies.[47]
  • Congressional investigators were  able to receive $55,000 in federal student loan funding for a fictional  college they created to test the Department of Education.[48]
  • The Conservation Reserve program  pays farmers $2 billion annually not to farm their land.[49]
  • The Commerce Department has  lost 1,137 computers since 2001, many containing Americans’ personal  data.[50]

Hoyer: Balanced Budget Amendment Would ‘Make it Virtually Impossible to Raise’ Taxes

By Terence P.  Jeffrey

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D.-Md.) said on the House floor last night that if the balanced budget amendment Republicans are supporting is ratified and included in the Constitution it would make it “virtually impossible” to raise taxes.

“In order to pay our bills, Republicans would require us to pass a Constitutional amendment that would permanently enshrine their partisan budget priorities in law and make it virtually impossible to raise revenue,” Hoyer said.

The push for a balanced budget amendment is part of the Republican Cut, Cap and Balance plan. This plan would increase the federal debt limit by $2.4 trillion in exchange for cutting federal spending by $111 billion next year and for congressional passage of a balanced budget amendment that, if ratified, would require supermajority votes in Congress to increase taxes, increase the debt limit, or spend more than 18 percent of GDP in a given fiscal year.

Hoyer was evidently alluding to the amendment’s requirement that taxes could only be increased with a supermajority vote of Congress when he said the proposal would make it “virtually impossible to raise revenue.”

Hoyer also said that the House Republicans were using the proposal to appeal to an “extreme fringe”

“When even three-quarters of Republicans said in a poll last week that they want a balanced deficit solution, it is clear that this bill is targeted at the extreme fringe in American politics, a small minority of the far right,” said Hoyer. “I urge my colleagues to affirm that this House represents all Americans–and to vote down this bill.”

The House passed the Cut, Cap and Balance bill 234 to 190. The vote was not along partisan lines. Nine Republicans voted against the proposal. Five Democrats voted for it.


You Wonder Why Where Bankrupt!

Obama and his fellow Democrats continue with there whining “Talking Points” that those mean old Republicans want to starve grandma and punish the children with there draconian budget reductions. Even in the face of dozens of reports citing massive waste and fraud the Democrats continue to tell the American people that these miniscule cuts proposed will do unrepairable damage. Neither party is talking about real downsizing of the federal beast but the Obama crowd is fighting just about every cut proposed. In fact many Democrats actually propose to grow the federal government even bigger. Maybe if all these federal agencies budgets where cut by 30% or more they might actually pay attention how,why and where its spent.

Feds Made $125 Billion in “Improper” in 2010

Feds Made $125 Billion in ‘Improper Payments’ in 2010–Enough To Fund State Department 11 Times Over
Friday, April 22, 2011
By Matt Cover

Cash, money, dollars

New $20 currency notes roll off the presses at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington. (AP File Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

( – At a time of growing concern about government spending, the federal government made $125 billion in “improper payments” in fiscal 2010, more than eleven times the total 2010 spending by the U.S State Department.

The $125 billion in improper payments was also more than 7 times the total spending by the Justice Department or by NASA, which runs the U.S. space program, which is preparing to launch its last-ever shuttle flights.

Federal agencies reported improper payments estimated at $125.4 billion in fiscal year 2010, an increase of $16.2 billion from the $109.2 billion estimate in fiscal 2009, the Government Accountability Office said. Ninety-four percent of those payments came from social spending programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, GAO said in its April 15 report.

According to the U.S. Treasury, total State Department spending was $11.017 billion in fiscal 2010–or less than 1/11th the amount the government made in improper spending. The Justice Department spent $16.6 billion during the year, and NASA spent $17.2 billion.

The GAO defines improper payments as “overpayments, underpayments, and payments that were not adequately documented,” as well as fraud. It also noted that improper payments are not necessarily fraudulent, only that they represent instances where the government did not follow its own internal rules for spending taxpayers’ money.

The $125 billion in improper payments came from 70 different programs across 20 federal agencies. “This estimate represents about 5.5 percent of the $2.3 trillion of reported outlays for the related programs in fiscal year 2010,” GAO said.

Ten programs accounted for 94 percent of all improper payments in 2010, led by Medicare, which reported $34.3 billion in improper payments – mainly because of medically unnecessary services and insufficient documentation.

Viewed a different way, the estimated $34.3 billion in improper payments attributed to Medicare in fiscal 2010 nearly equals the $38.5 billion in budget cuts made by Republicans in 2011, the largest spending cut in history.

Other programs making the “top ten” list are as follows:

2. Medicaid (Health and Human Services)

22.5 billion

Primary causes: Insufficient or no documentation provided for conducting medical reviews and cases that were either ineligible or their eligibility status could not be determined

3. Unemployment Insurance (Labor Dept.)

17.5 billion

Primary causes: Eligibility errors, errors in handling separation issues, and claimants who have returned to work and continue to claim benefits

4. Earned Income Tax Credit (Treasury Dept.)

16.9 billion

Primary causes: High turnover of eligible claimants, confusion among eligible claimants, complexity of the law, structure of the program, unscrupulous return preparers, and fraud

5. Medicare Advantage (Health and Human Services)

$13.6 billion

Primary causes: Insufficient supporting documentation, and errors in the transfer of data and payment calculations

6. Supplemental Security Income (Social Security Administration)

$4.8 billion

Primary causes: Incorrect computations, misapplication of an income or resource exclusion, and inadequate verification of accounts and wages

7. Old Age Survivors’ and Disability Insurance (Social Security Administration)

$3.2 billion

Primary causes: Computation errors; nonverification of earnings, income, or work status; and incorrect processing of applications or payments

8. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (Agriculture Dept.)

$2.2 billion

Primary causes: Incomplete or inaccurate reporting of income by participants and incorrect eligibility determination by caseworkers

9. National School Lunch (Agriculture Dept.)

$1.5 billion

Primary causes: Verification and authentication errors, including inadequate documentation and fraud or misrepresentation by participants

10. Pell Grants (Education Dept.)


Primary causes: Verification errors

Kay Daly, the report’s author, told that there is no breakout to explain what portions of the $125 billion total came from fraud or overpayments, etc. But she did say that improper payments were typically due to overpayments and payments made to people who were ineligible for government assistance.

GAO explained that government agencies offer many different reasons for why they incorrectly sent 5.5 percent of their combined budgets out the door erroneously, including poor documentation, program changes, and even simple math errors.

“Agencies cited a number of causes for the estimated $125.4 billion in reported improper payments, including insufficient documentation, incorrect computations, changes in program requirements, and in some cases fraud.”

GAO also noted that the year-to-year change in improper payments was primarily due to an increase in improper payment estimates in the top four programs — Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, and the Earned Income Tax Credit

GAO said those four programs reported higher improper payments because they were spending more money – and the more money the government spends, the more spending errors it makes.

“Agencies reported that the increases in the estimates for these programs were primarily attributable to an increase in program outlays,” GAO said

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If you have been listening to any of the jackals in the Democratic party howling againsts proposed cuts you would think that disaster is looming and the Republic will fall. The truth is tens of billions could be saved by just cutting the thousands of assine programs that the government dreams up. The government funds so many silly and unneccessary programs you have to wonder if democracy is doomed. There are programs like the one at NIST that actually has a board of official tea tasters, or how about the 2 billions dollars payed out every year not to farm. Or how about $500.000 to paint a giant salmon on an Alaskan Air 737, what about the $25 billion spent annually to maintain empty federal buildings. Audits showed $34 billion worth of Department of Homeland Security contracts contained significant waste, fraud, and abuse. Another WTF program will spend $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job.
Click the link below to read about even crazier ways the federal government wastes your hard earned tax dollars

Examples of Government Waste

$20 million USAID grant goes to produce Pakistani Sesame Street
By Steven Nelson – The Daily Caller

As American politicians debate the possible de-funding of American public broadcasting, the U.S. government is spending big bucks to bolster entertainment in foreign countries.

USAID has dedicated $20 million to remake “Sesame Street” for Pakistani children. The four-year series will feature 78 episodes in Urdu and 56 in other local languages. The show, called “SimSim Humara,” will be set in a bustling village.

According to a report in The Guardian, the show aims to have “strong female characters and carry an implicit message of tolerance but will feature no pro-American propaganda or overt challenge to hardline religious sentiment.”

The Guardian reports that civilian foreign aid to Pakistan is at $1.5 billion a year, having been tripled by the Obama administration.

Larry Dolan, USAID’s Director of Education for Pakistan, told The Guardian, “Teaching kids early on makes them much more successful when they get to school. And this programme will have the capacity to encourage tolerance, which is so key to what we’re trying to do here.”

Dolan continued, “In terms of bang for the buck, reaching 95 million people is pretty important. This is much more than a TV programme, far more ambitious than a Sesame Street series.”

Article printed from The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment:

URL to article:

Copyright © 2009 Daily Caller. All rights reserved.


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Demint And Coburn Propose Bill To Defund NPR And PBS.

The Republicas have started to take the axe to our monsterous federal government but have failed so far to cut anything really meaningful like shutting down the Federal Department of Re-Education or ending subsidizes for ethanol and other corporate easter eggs. Halting funding to NPR and PBS is a great start, why in hell should taxpayers give one dime to these propaganda arms of the Democratic Party. In the age of the internet and 500 channel cable and satellite what purpose do these boondoggles serve? The Federal Government has no business funding propaganda for any political party. If the shows on PBS and NPR are so wonderfull let the people who watch them pay for them. Or better yet let the billionaire hollywood morons pay to support “The Arts”, they have plenty of cash to give to political campaigns let them put up or shut up. Obama’s own debt commision chaired by a Democrat proposed ending this old dog.
In 2009 PBS President Paula Kerger received $632,233 in compensation, while NPR President Emeritus Kevin Klose received more than $1.2 million. If these “NON-PROFITS” can afford to payout those’s kind’s of salaries they certaintly do not need taxpayer subsidizes. The liberals moan and cry that ‘it’s not that much” but when you add thousands of these government together you start to see serious money adding up to tens of billions of dollars. A 2005 Treasury report found 24.5 billions dollars in unreconciled transactions, these are funds auditors cannot account for The government knows that $25 billion was spent by someone, somewhere, on something, but auditors do not know who spent it, where it was spent, or on what it was spent. A recent audit revealed that between 1997 and 2003, the Defense Department purchased and then left unused approximately 270,000 commercial airline tickets at a total cost of $100 million. Even worse, the Pentagon never bothered to get a refund for these fully refundable tickets. Another recent audit revealed that employees of the Department of Agriculture (USDA) diverted millions of dollars to personal purchases through their government-issued credit cards. Sampling 300 employees’ purchases over six months, investigators estimated that 15 percent abused their government credit cards at a cost of $5.8 million. Taxpayer-funded purchases included Ozzy Osbourne concert tickets, tattoos, lingerie, bartender school tuition, car payments, and cash advances. The USDA has pledged a thorough investigation, but it will have a huge task: 55,000 USDA credit cards are in circulation, including 1,549 that are still held by people who no longer work at the USDA. The Defense Department has uncovered its own credit card scandal. Over one recent 18-month period, Air Force and Navy personnel used government-funded credit cards to charge at least $102,400 for admission to entertainment events, $48,250 for gambling, $69,300 for cruises, and $73,950 for exotic dance clubs and prostitutes.

How about getting rid of the hundreds of overlapping programs, if you start at the local level and work your way up through city, county, state and then federal you have so much overlap in programs that nothing get’s accomplished, yet alone getting done effeciently. The Dept of Re-Education is a poster child for that, how many bureacrats do we need meddling with our kids schooling, add to that the political agendas and you can see the mess. Education should be a local communities decision, to many folks in the education business are more concerned with teaching our kids what to think, not how to think. And I certaintly don’t want some political appointee in Washington having any say in how kids are educated. The countries with the healthiest economies also have the lowest government worker to civilian worker ratios. Smaller government frees people to innovate and prosper without unknown bureaucrats putting up roadblocks and bureacracy. Governmment is an evil necessary but it doesn’t need to be a boot on the throat of the citizen.

342 economic development programs;
130 programs serving the disabled;
130 programs serving at-risk youth;
90 early childhood development programs;
75 programs funding international education, cultural, and training exchange activities;
72 federal programs dedicated to assuring safe water;
50 homeless assistance programs;
45 federal agencies conducting federal criminal investigations;
40 separate employment and training programs;
28 rural development programs;
27 teen pregnancy programs;
26 small, extraneous K-12 school grant programs;
23 agencies providing aid to the former Soviet republics;
19 programs fighting substance abuse;
17 rural water and waste-water programs in eight agencies;
17 trade agencies monitoring 400 international trade agreements;
12 food safety agencies;
11 principal statistics agencies; and
Four overlapping land management agencies.

By Susan Jones

( – Two Republican senators on Friday introduced a bill to stop taxpayer subsidies to public radio and television.

Since 2001, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has received nearly $4 billion in taxpayer money for National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Sens. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said with the nation on the brink of bankruptcy, some decisions to cut spending are difficult — but not this one:

“Americans struggling to make ends meet shouldn’t be forced to fund public broadcasting when there are already thousands of choices for educational and entertainment programming on the television, radio and Web,” DeMint said. “President Obama’s own bipartisan debt commission proposed ending these unnecessary subsidies to public broadcasting. NPR boasts that it only gets 2 percent of its funding from taxpayers and PBS gets about 15 percent, so these programs should be able to find a way to stand on their own.”

Coburn called subsidies for public broadcasting “indefensible.” “The federal government has no business picking winners and losers in today’s highly competitive media environment. NPR and CPB will do just fine without largesse from Washington,” Coburn added.

CPB was incorporated as a private, nonprofit corporation under the authority of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, and its first taxpayer subsidy in 1969 was $5 million. In the current fiscal year, CPB is slated to receive $430 million from taxpayers, and President Obama recently asked for an increase to $451 million, the senators said.

PBS President Paula Kerger received $632,233 in compensation in 2009, according to the tax forms that nonprofits must file, while NPR President Emeritus Kevin Klose received more than $1.2 million in compensation.

DeMint and Coburn also noted that in 2010, NPR accepted a $1.8 million grant from the Open Society Foundation, backed by liberal financier George Soros, to hire 100 reporters. Additionally, NPR has an endowment of over $200 million, they said in a news release.

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Pelosi Perks

As Obama, Reid and Pelosi jet around on the tax payer’s dime trying to raise campaign funds
the bills keep adding up. Every where these crooks go the entourage of crap that follow these visits are costing taxpayers plenty. These politicians are not Kings and Queens but they sure expect the royal treatment. Estimated costs for jetting around in AF-1 is estimated at $280 million dollars an year as of 2009, and remember there’s two 747’s.
AF-1 Cost To Taxpayers
AF-1 Operating Cost
Don’t forget the cost’s related to military cargo planes carrying limousines, Secret Service and assorted equiptment. You can also add to that costs for multiple USAF fighters and tankers fly Combat Air Patrols. There is often a spare aircraft to backup AF-1 somewhere nearby. Don’t forget the U.S. Government has a huge fleet of jets just to fly members of the house and senate along with cabinet members and assorted bureaucrats. What do you think all this luxury travel costs you every year, guess what they have no clue what these 1,400 aircraft cost. As of 2002 it was $700 million dollars a year.
GAO Inaccurate Aircraft Costs
Now these jackals are flying family around on your dime, campaigning and going to fundraisers with fat cats with miniscule reimbursement. I thought Obama was the “Green President”, why not use tele-conferencing for most of these deals. Obama makes a big deal about a few useless solar panels on the White House, then hops into AF-1 burning $68,000 per hour of fuel and spewing hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. Its time this bullshit ends, unless its government biz they can pay for there own plane. There’s no reason that cabinet members and bureaucrats can’t fly on commercial aircraft. You know whether your a Democrat or a Republican all these bills are paid for out of your paycheck.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and members of her family and staff took 85 tax-paid trips on military aircraft between March 2, 2009, and June 7, 2010, according to new documents uncovered by Judicial Watch.

Pelosi’s daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons were on the June 20, 2009, flight from Andrews AFB to San Francisco where Pelosi resides, according to the documents. On July 2, 2010, Pelosi took a grandson on a flight from Andrews to Travis AFB, north of San Francisco.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents as a result of a January 25, 2009, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Previous documents received by the non-profit watchdog group revealed that Pelosi’s travel “cost the United States Air Force $2,100,744.59 over a two-year period — $101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol,” according to Judicial Watch.

“For example, purchases for one Pelosi-led congressional delegation traveling from Washington, DC, through Tel Aviv, Israel to Baghdad, Iraq May 15-20, 2008 included: Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewar’s scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, Corona beer and several bottles of wine.”

“Pelosi’s abusive use of military aircraft demonstrates a shocking lack of regard for the American taxpayer and the men and women who serve in the U.S. Air Force. Speaker Pelosi may have a frequent flyer record for taxpayer-financed luxury jet travel,”

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It’s Your Money Folks, Grayson Sends Out $73,000 In Taxpayer Funded DVD’s

Rep Alan Grayson $73k in DVD’s

In just another glaring example of politicians pissing your hard earned income right down the drain, Nut job (D) Alan Grayson used $73,000 in taxpayer money to send out DVD’s to his constituents. As we spiral down into bankruptcy this kind of garbage is happening every day by both parties. A recent report on House and Senate members perks showed the average Senator and House Rep spends over $1,000,000 every year doing this lunacy. Everything from bottled water,BBQ and TIVO’s, are being purchased, these guys believe they are entitled to this. The bigger the fish the worst it gets, people this is your hard earned money stolen from your paycheck. This all adds up after awhile, the bureaucrats do even worse spending taxpayer money on everything from expensive carpet to $1,000 dinner bills. Why do you think these guys spend millions of dollars of their own money for $200,000 jobs, perks,perks and more perks. When you add the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on earmarks every year you can see why where broke. The worst part is its voters fault, we vote for these maggots without demanding accountability. To many citizens fail to vote and we who do often vote for these guys without researching there records. Worst of all they lie, cheat and steal after they get there so all the due diligence probably wouldn’t help anyhow. This is why term limits are so important, rotating new people into government might actually put in place people who are still in touch with reality. These guys now are so out of touch with reality that I wonder if they even understand the damage their doing.

WASHINGTON — If U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson were a rock star, his latest PR blitz — a DVD sent to tens of thousands of Central Florida residents — would be called Grayson’s Greatest Hits.

The 90-minute disc features video highlights from his first term in office, including one of him grilling Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and another in which the Orlando Democrat preaches on the need to teach schoolchildren about the U.S. Constitution.

The DVD comes wrapped inside a mailer covered with promotional slogans: “Congressman Alan Grayson, Hard at Work for You,” “He works hard. He pays attention. He gets things done,” and “Video DVD Inside: Watch Congressman Grayson in Action!”

In many ways, it’s the perfect campaign video — with one key difference.

Get the Sunday Sentinel delivered to your home for only $.80 a week!

Thanks to perks given to all members of Congress, it’s not Grayson’s campaign but taxpayers who footed the nearly $73,000 bill to produce and mail the DVD to 100,000 homes in Grayson’s district of Lake, Marion, Orange and Osceola counties.

It’s a stunt that drew howls from Republicans, who complained that Grayson was abusing the congressional privilege of franking that allows lawmakers to send taxpayer-paid newsletters and other mail to residents.

“This is an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars, and it goes to show that Alan Grayson is completely out of touch with Central Florida,” said state Rep. Kurt Kelly of Ocala, one of seven Republicans looking to unseat Grayson this fall.

“This is just ridiculous behavior. What congressman would do this in the face of a huge budget deficit?” he asked.

Grayson said he doesn’t see the video as self-promotional and that its intent was to show residents how the sausage is made in Washington.

“Unless you glom onto C-SPAN, you don’t have sense of what congressmen do on a day-to-day basis,” Grayson said. “I told people in my district that I would try to be a watchdog, and I think they have a right to know whether I have kept that promise.”

When pressed, however, Grayson did acknowledge that his office selected clips that make him look good.

“I’m an elected official. Do you think it’s my job to put out misinformation or negative information about myself?” he asked.

The silver disc features clips of Grayson questioning witnesses testifying before the House Financial Services committee, including his well-publicized interrogation of Bernanke. A YouTube version posted on Grayson’s website has drawn more than 216,000 hits.

And, like the director’s cut of a Hollywood movie release, the DVD is sprinkled with narration from Grayson. Of the 31 separate clips on the DVD, 10 feature Grayson wearing an American flag tie and seated in front of a photo of the U.S. Capitol, telling viewers what they’re about to see or criticizing the Fed, bank bailouts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Hello, I’m your congressman, Alan Grayson,” the video begins. “I’ve put together this DVD so you do not have to sit through hours of hearings or read thousands of pages of transcripts to find out what your representative is doing to combat waste, fraud and abuse in government spending.”

His narration doesn’t shy away from a few pats on the back.

“Of the 53 freshman members of the House, I was the first one to get a bill passed,” he says. And, “Before coming to Congress, I spent many years prosecuting defense contractors who ripped off the government and put our troops in danger just to pad their wallets. When I came to Congress, I wasted no time in using that experience to combat waste, fraud and abuse in defense spending.”

Though Grayson isn’t the first lawmaker to use taxpayer money to send a DVD, aides with the bipartisan House administration committee — which oversees franking requests and approved Grayson’s DVD — could recall only a handful of other examples.

But bucking the norm has been Grayson’s trademark since 2008, when he beat then-U.S. Rep. Ric Keller, an Orlando Republican also known for sending puffy pieces of franked mail.

Last year, Grayson spent about $108,000 on franked mail in 2009 — 32 percent more than the $81,623 spent by his fellow Democratic freshman Suzanne Kosmas of New Smyrna Beach. Among Central Florida veteran incumbents, U.S. Rep. John Mica, R- Winter Park, spent $14,000 — and U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, R-Brooksville, spent $138,801, records show.

Grayson aides said that the DVD was targeted at senior citizens, who may have trouble using a computer and seeing the long list of YouTube clips that Grayson has put online.

Spokesman Todd Jurkowski said the office also took pains to find a Central Florida company, Horizon Media Express, to produce the video and insisted the company “rely on American subcontractors [because] many companies will use offshore companies to duplicate DVDs.”

Since taking office, Grayson has used speeches and hearings to loudly attack everything that he sees as wrong with America — including giant corporations, financial leaders and Republicans.

He’s best known for a floor speech in which he says the Republican health-care plan was for sick patients to “die quickly,” although Grayson aides were quick to note that the health-care quip was not included on the DVD.

“If we were self-serving, we would have put that one on there,” Jurkowski said.