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Pissed Off yet?

The Democrats are continuing there multi-prong assault on capitalism, while sucking the life out of every working American. The Democrats believe that there elitist left-wing socialist policies can fix the world. In reality there just growing massive debt busting programs and pushing legislation that can never be payed for. All the election did was swap taxpayer money from country club Republicans to Big City elitist liberal billionaires. The average working guy is just getting stuck with huge new taxes and increases in bank fees, groceries and everything else. The lobbyist still get there companies tax breaks and tax payer financed subsidies and bailouts. Obamacare is just one example of big corporations receiving breaks while the rest of us get crappier service at twice the cost. True capitalism lets corrupt incompetent business fail and competition decreases prices and increases wages for good workers. The Democrats blather on about supporting the little guy but in reality there screwing them the worst. Wealth always trickles down, never once has wealth trickled up unless your a politician or one of his cronies.

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