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Illegals cost

At a time when health  care cost are rising its time King Obama and the (D) step up and pass legislation forcing hospitals to contact INS when Illegals Aliens come in for medical care. There is not a single hospital in this country that’s not losing money treating illegal aliens.  The (D) are constantly blathering on about there dedication to the “middle class working folk”,  its time they walk the walk or shut the hell up.  Hospital “reimbursement” is only 2 to 5 percent of the true cost with the rest passed along to paying patients. A study by the Florida Hospital Association estimates that uninsured non-citizens cost the state’s hospitals an average of $63,612 per patient last year. The American Hospital Association show its members shelling out $21 billion in uncompensated services last year. Census date shows that 43 percent of the uninsured are illegals.  CBS news reports show over 300,000 pregnant Mexican women cross the border to give birth costing an average of $6,000 dollars per “Anchor Baby”. These numbers skyrocket as high as $500,000 if there complications, who do you think gets stuck paying these bills. Obama and his fellow (D) have already watered down the few barriers that where in place to address this disaster. The (D) and Obama have consistently blocked all attempts to pass legislation such as “proof of citizenship” or doing away with granting citizenship to baby’s of Illegal aliens. How much more will it take before the American middle class is completely destroyed paying for Obama’s “Progressive Agenda”

CIS study on cost of Illegals


Las Vegas Unversity Medical CenterLas Vegas Unversity Medical Center

A report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal found that illegal aliens receiving dialysis treatment were costing the hospital more than $2 million per month. Nevada taxpayers are forced to pay for a situation that the report says “continues to worsen.”

Officials say the lack of enforcing immigration laws is making a bad situation worse as the University Medical Center in Las Vegas looks to face a $70 million budgetary shortfall in 2010. They say attempts to encourage illegal aliens to receive the treatment in their home countries hasn’t worked.

“The cost to our taxpayers is astronomical,” said Lawrence Weekly, a Clark County commissioner and chairman of the UMC board of hospital trustees. “Many people are justifiably outraged. If this kind of thing goes on, we might have to close our doors. But we’re governed by federal law on this issue so some way the federal government has to help us out. We just can’t stand by and let people die in the streets. We wouldn’t want that on our conscience.”

The article says that a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said over the summer that Reid would push for increased funding for hospitals that helped illegal aliens, but the funding hasn’t materialized.

For the full report, see the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


Obama’s State of DisUnion

Democrats just charged you 45k with 1 vote

King Obama’s speech last night proved yet again how obsessed he is with ramming his radical leftist “progressive” agenda right down every Americans throat. He blamed every problem on somebody else, Bush,Republicans and corporate america. The Democrat party has been hi-jacked by the uber-leftist like George Soros and the crowd and they will do everything possible to implement there agenda. The King and his court don’t seem to understand that business create’s jobs, profits fuels innovation and productivity and that provides opportunity for people to prosper. Problems like healthcare, housing and education can be solved when people have JOBS. Obama and the (D) are so beholden to the Unions and Progressives that they are incapable of creating private sector jobs. There wholesale assault on taxpayers and business combined with record spending is bankrupting our nation. There are now more union federal employees then private sector ones. This unchecked growth in government is costing every taxpayer and leaving our future to be dictated to by foreign countries who are bankrolling this insanity. Does anyone out there think there getting the “best bang for there buck” when the federal government spends there hard earned dollars? The private sector in almost every instance will deliver more service or product then any government entity. All these new federal employees will forever be yet another burden for taxpayers to bear. It would be great if everyone could make $75k+ a year, which is the average salary of most federal workers before overtime.

CBS Marketwatch It’s a good time to work for Uncle Sam

More 6-figure Fed jobs

Federal workers are enjoying an extraordinary boom time — in pay and hiring — during a recession that has cost 7.3 million jobs in the private sector.

The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases. Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available.

When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000.

The trend to six-figure salaries is occurring throughout the federal government, in agencies big and small, high-tech and low-tech. The primary cause: substantial pay raises and new salary rules.

The world is growing up and we can no longer continue this lunacy or we will soon be equal to the rest of the world and that is not a good thing.

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Progressive Radical Left Radio Fails Again

Hooray Air America going belly up

Guess who is looking for a bail out now, the Black Caucus is trying another shakedown for a failing business model.

CBC Shakedown

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Actual Facts on Global Warming

Not everyone is drinking Al’s Kool-Aid

I don’t think he went to Copenhagen.

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Obama the really has a pair!

Obama bashes Chevy trucks in MA senate race

Obama really has balls, on Sunday he bashed the GOP senate candidate Scott Brown for driving a pickup truck. This from a guy who drove a 340hp hemi-powered Chrysler 300 during the elections. The fact that he flew into to MA in a giant carbon spewing 747 and hopped into a carbon coughing limo is kinda amusing. These goddam tree huggers want everyone else to sacrifice for the cause but seldom “walk the walk”

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Oklahoma Get’s It Right

Oklahoma steps up to help its citizens

Finally some sign that states will act if Obama and the Democrats won’t.

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