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KONY 2012 Video Is A Fraud And Scam, How Usefull Idiots Operate

Clooney and friends Kony 2012 video is a giant scam and a text book example of a liberal propaganda campaign. For starters almost all the players behind this are con artists and propagandist, they would make Josef Goebbels proud. For starters this Kony guy is not even in Uganda since 2006 when this film was originaly produced under the title “Invisible Children”. Another lie this scam keeps repeating is his Lords Resistance Army has 30,000+ children soldiers terrorizing Uganda . That number is actually a guess on how many children where kidnapped over 30 years, just one of many “facts” they stretch. The worst part of this entire con is the $30 dollar “Action Kits” the video try’s to shakedown it viewers for. My god who would not want to give just $30 dollars to “Help The CHILDREN”. Unfortunately like the majority of these liberal cause of the week shakedowns, the only folks who benefit are the con artists who run these long cons. According to the site Charity Navigator only a tiny percentage of the money somewhere between 16 to 30% reaches the ground. Besides this scams terrible record of transparency they refused to cooperate with the Better Business Bureau.

Compensation of Leaders | % of Compensation relative to amount of money made by IC | Title
$88,241 | 0.99% | Ben Keesey – CEO
$89,669 | 1.00% | Jason Russell – Co-Founder/Filmmaker
$84,377 | 0.94% | Laren Poole – Co-Founder/Filmmaker
Total Contributions: $10,334,060
Program Service Revenue: $3,423,351
Total Primary Revenue: $13,757,411
Other Revenue $7,769
TOTAL REVENUE: $13,765,180
Program Expenses: $7,163,384
Administrative Expenses: $1,444,570
Fundraising Expenses: $286,678
Payments to Affiliates $0 Excess (Or deficit) for the year: $4,870,548
Net Assets $6,584,811

They also fail to mention that some money is going to the Ugandan military who’s record of atrocity and abuse is ongoing. The current regime of Marxist Yoweri Museven who has been in power for over 25 years is rampant with corruption and human rights abuses. This area of the world has no good guys, it comes down to who is are puppet, we have no business being there. This propaganda campaign is actively lobbying for Obama to send U.S. Military forces to hunt Kony down. Just like are media inspired war in Somalia the media will start running stories of the horrible actions going on and the blowhards like Sen. McCain and whatever idiots from Obama’s side will commence with there dog and pony shows advocating we drone someone or send in the SEALS. In fact it has already started, to placate his liberal base and keep there money flowing OBAMA has ordered over 100 “advisors” from the Special Operations Command to Central Africa to assist in hunting this crazy old man down. This on top of the already larger contingent of U.S. military already deployed for Obama’s new AFRICOM mission. How many goddam wars is Obama going to start, we have no dog in this fight. We have Mexican cartels murdering Americans in are own streets and Barrack Hussein Obama refuses to act against those terrorist just who does Obama think he works for?

By the way Jason Russel the co-founder and filmmaker of this propaganda was recently arrestted for running around his neighborhood completely naked ranting “Your The Devil” while jumping on a passing car and masturbating. These are the sort of idiots that Barrack Hussein Obama is influenced by.