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Does Obama Really Want To Create Jobs Or Not

November 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Contractors Pressed To Soften Job Loss EstimatesBr>

Obama Punts On Keystone Pipeline, Costing 20,000 jobs

Obama’s NLRB Fight To Kill Jobs In S.Carolina

Over the past couple of weeks Barrack Hussein Obama seems more like the anti-job president then the job creator he claims he is. It’s sad how he seems to be more focused on crony capitalism and political payback to his fat cat campaign donors then actually putting Americans to work. Obama’s administration has worked harder at insulting and threatening the job creators in this country then in creating an atmosphere where business can flourish and investors profit.

Obama’s Green Boondoggles

His socialist agenda time after time has taken precedence over growing the economy and putting Americans to work. His wacko green agenda wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on expensive solar and wind scams instead of letting companies create job’s with private capital. The Keystone pipeline and the S.Carolina Boeing expansion are a just two recent examples of the Obama job killing machine. The pipeline alone was estimated to create 20,000 construction job’s and up to 118,000 spin-off jobs according to TransCanada. Look at the job’s lost in the Gulf after his over reaction to the BP oil spill, well over a 100,000,000 well paying job’s gone.

BP oil spill estimate of job’s lost

When the GM and Chrysler bailout scam happened the Obama administration purposely choose to screw the bond holders and side with is campaign buddies in the UAW. Why would any “One Percenter” risk there money while the Obama administration is in charge. His
administration’s regulatory policies along with Obamacare have all but halted most companies plans to expand and create job’s. Obama seems to have no idea at all how the private sector works, at the very least he sure semms to not like or understand capitalism If investors with capital cannot make a profit from there investment why would they bother. He seems to think government bureaucrats and politicians somehow know better how to create jobs. His administration’s policies suck money from the American taxpayer while doing nothing to replace it with economic growth.

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Pelosi Thinks No Jobs Are Better Then Non Union Jobs

Pelosi Yes NLRB Should Shut Down Boeing In S.Carolina

South Carolina Boeing factory

In an interview on CNBC Democrat Nancy Pelosi said she thought the National Labor Relations Board should shut Boeing down in South Carolina if they don’t allow unions. This is why our economy will never recover if these lunatics stay in power. Why should the federal government have any say or power over any company regarding who they hire or where the choose to build. This is exactly why jobs are going to China and Mexico, why would any company not leave? Unions are just another drag on our economy that keep companies from doing business in the United States. Whether they like it or not American companies our competing in a worldwide economy where workers in Brazil, China and dozens of other countries can and will do the same jobs much cheaper. The days of getting $25 an hour to bolt stuff together our gone forever, the rest of the world has grown up and we need to face that fact. Liberals like Pelosi, Reid and Obama are elitists who believe they are more enlightened then the rest of us and have a divine calling to leads us to there righteous path. There existence is based on keeping citizens dependent on government, the bigger government programs gets the more power they have.┬áThe federal government has no business picking who wins and who doesn’t. To keep the cash rolling into there campaign’s they sell there votes to the highest bidders and the hell with the rest of us. When government doles out tax breaks, regulations and subsidies they are in effect picking winners and losers. The free market when left alone does a pretty good job, when there’s a demand for some service or product someone will try and supply it. When government gets involved they create bubbles of demand that eventually go bust, then you see the situation where in now. These bubble economies need to be infused with cash to stay afloat, and the cycle repeats itself. The Solyndra scandal is a text book example, solar panels are simply too expensive and not worth buying. So in steps Obama and his merry band of misfit elitist deciding the tax payers should subsidize his cronies business because they think we need solar power. They are trying to create a market where there is no demand simple to comply with there ideological beliefs. Who is to say those billions of dollars pissed away would not of led to another entrepreneur starting the next Apple or Microsoft. Politicians have no business meddling with our economy as long as they are for sale to the highest bidder. Its obvious that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are nothing more then boot lickers pimping for big labor. They are so in the pocket of big fat cat labor bosses they are willing to see thousands of jobs lost in South Carolina just to keep the cash flowing into there campaign’s so they can stay employed. Do you honestly think Obama, Pelosi and Reid are really looking out for your families best interest?

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