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Obama’s Magical Misery Bus Tour Part Deux

Obama’s New Tax Payer Funded Ride

Obama’s Tax Payer Funded Campaign Trip

There’s one massive point the the major media outlets miss when they do stories on Barrack Hussein Obama’s (aka Barry) trips. The massive cost of support staff and protection cost millions of dollars. The media never seems to add to the tally the millions spent transporting staff, armored limousines for the King and friends, protection, housing, food and more that is always payed for by the TAXPAYER. The U.S. Air Force flys around the clock air patrols which requires hundreds of thousands of gallons of expensive jet fuel. So that is supplied by tankers who also circle around 24/7 burning fuel and air frame hours. There are also E-3 AWACS and E4B NEACP 707’s command post shadowing the president 24/7, a spare Air Force One is usually staged nearby. Multiple giant C-17 and C-5’s are used to transport a dozen or more Secret Service protection vehicles. All of these staff and protection folks have to be fed, housed and entertained. Since 911 the Secret Service has gone overboard with there protection details, they have used 911 as an excuse to grab power. You have to remember in Washington power is defined by the size of your agencies budget. The president is one man, with one vote, under our constitution the president serves the people lately you have to wonder who serves who.

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