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Obama’s Debt Ceiling Plan, I Don’t Need No Stink’in Plan!

WH Mouthpiece, We Won’t Put A Plan Together

Barrack Hussein Obama has done a spectacular job of blaming everyone else for the looming debt crisis but as usual he has committed to nothing. Obama has perfected the blame game but his whole adult life he has played all sides against each other while never committing to anything. Like most liberals he has no soul or core beliefs, where is all the transparency he promised. I though Obama was going to post all this wonderful information on the web so the American people would be better informed on what our government was doing with our tax dollars. But I guess if the American people actually knew the details of what this mob of lunatics was up too there might be a  little more resistantance to there Euro-trash socialist agenda. Obama, Pelosi & Reid may not like Cut,Cap & Balance but no one can site any documented plan from Barrack Hussein Obama administration or from his fellow Democrats. I don’t like the Republican plan either, it does not cut deep enough but at least the Republicans have committed to something. The Senate Democrats leader Harry “The Cowboy Poet” Reid did not even have the spine to put the Republican plan up for a vote. The one important fact that the liberal media fails to remind folks is, even when the DEMOCRATS had 100% control of the White House, Senate and House they DID NOT PASS A BUDGET. Why are the Democrats even there if there not going to actually vote on legislation. Look at the Democrats in Wisconsin and Indiana, they fled the state when they where going to lose. Are liberals so lacking in the basic concepts of our Democracy or do they just not believe in it. The system only works when legislators legislate, they BOTH purpose bills then negotiate the details. The Obama left knows the majority of American people do not support there socialist agenda. So like most unpopular leaders they force there agenda on the citizens. For decades the liberal agenda has been rejected by the American people so they force there loony ideas on us in a number ways. One of there favorites is too appoint activist judges who make up laws that could never pass in legislative process. Or they mandate through the regulatory bureacracy. The massive federal debt is killing our nation, the liberal Democrats know this and as more people need assistance from the federal bureaucracy the Democrats can use scare tactics to maintain power.

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