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bDemocrat Anthony Weiner, Another Liberal Hypocrite Busted

Media Silent On Weinergate

CBS Worries About Losing One of There Guys

NBC’s Laurer And Just More Media Bias

New York Democrat Anthony Weiner the left-wing radical mouthpiece known for self-righteous rant’s accusing conservatives for just about everything wrong in the world admits he’s a pervert. After weeks of denying the lewd pictures on Twitter where not him, surprise they are, real shocker huh, The fun part is to watch the lamestream media fall all over itself trying to make excuses for there guy. Then contrast this with how conservative’s are treated, remember N.Y . Republican Chris Lee. Every major network did segments on this idiot, NBC didn’t even cover the Weinergate story at first and the rest spent more time bashing conservatives then looking into Weiner’s bizarre behavior. Weiner’s perverted activity is unfortunately just another sign of just how pathetic our system has become. This little weasel is just another pathetic little man who practices the “shout it out louder” politics of the far left. Anyone who doesn’t the tow the line of the far-left is instantly labeled as “racist, nazi, nuts…..” Just pick one an say it over and over each time getting louder and you can join there little club. All this would just be background noise except there buddies in the media just further the noise with there bias. The Ryan budget is a perfect example, pervert Weiner has been one of the loudest liberal howlers accusing Ryan of of everything from wanting to kill grandma to microwaving puppies. Can you imagine how the jackals would howl if a conservative would of produced an ad showing Obama pushing a soldier in wheelchair off a cliff. But I saw almost no mention of the Democrats ad showing a Paul Ryan looking character wheeling granny to cliff’s edge and launching her off the side. Just like past liberal Democrats you can be sure the media will downplay this perverts actions just like past incidents. All you need to do is to look back in recent history to see how the lamestream media will cover Weinergate. Remember Democrat Barney Framk’s claims he knew nothing about his gay lover running a male prostitution ring out of his home. Or Bill Clinton having sex in the White House with Monica Lewinsky a girl the same age as his daughter. Or even as recently as John Edwards cheating on his wife while she was dying from cancer. It’s fair game when guys like Craig, Lee and Ensign are reported on, it’s a shame the country is so let down by the media bias. You know if there was an (R) in front of there names the media would of acted just a bit differently. So expect more to come out about Rep. Anthony Weiners perversions just don’t expect to see much on ABC,CBS,NBS,CNN,MSNBC,PBS,NPR or any of the dozens of George Soros propaganda blogs.

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