White House Freezes Out Boston Herald Over Op-Ed

In yet another blow to the transparency or lack of in the Barrack Hussein Obama administration the Boston Herald was denied access to the media pool during Obama fundraiser. Obama’s paper thin skin is typical of most liberals they sure can dish it out but the howl like whiny jackals when there idiocy is challenged. Remember a few weeks ago when Biden’s people locked the Orlando Sentinel Reporter Scott Powers, in 2010 Baltimore Sun reporter Justen Fenton was held up by Biden’s staffers. There have been so many instances of Obama whining about his critics it has become non story. Any other past president this whiny would of gotten hammered by the press, but the media elites are so in bed with this clown they just say “yes sir” when they get there marching orders. Every chance he gets Obama whines about Fox News even though ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,PBS & NPR along with just about every major paper virtual parrot the White House line. Kind of makes you wonder is Obama just a tiny insecure little man or a guy who even doesn’t believe in his failing leftist agenda.

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