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Obama Administration Revolving Door, How About That Transparency!

What Corruption Looks Like

What Corruption Looks Like: FCC Commissioner Takes Job At Comcast Months After She Voted To Approve Its Deal With NBC Universal

A lot of folks are shaking their heads after learning that FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker is leaving her post to take a lobbying job at Comcast just a few months after she voted to approve Comcast’s massive purchase of NBC Universal. Now, let’s be clear: there’s nothing illegal in her taking this job. While she can’t lobby the FCC for two years, she can lobby Congress or other parts of the government. And, it doesn’t mean that she’s corrupt at all. But it’s this kind of move that makes people trust our government less and highlights why so many people believe that our government is corrupt.

When you have a massive revolving door, in which the people voting on important deals for companies are likely to get massive salary increases in jobs from those same companies a few months later, it’s certainly going to make plenty of people assume corruption, even if there isn’t any. So even if it’s not corruption in the classical sense, it’s hard not to see this as a form of regulatory capture. Baker’s term is up in June, but it had been expected she would be re-nominated and would stay. But, making this decision so soon after voting on such a huge deal for the FCC certainly raises some questions about when she started talking to Comcast about a job and when she even decided she was looking for a different job.

Obama Administration Failure With Transparency

By Robert Romano – So much for Barack Obama’s vaunted transparency.

Americans for Limited Government (ALG) is appealing  the Department of Labor’s refusal to turn over all documents related to  a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on enforcement of 185 laws  the Department is required to follow.  And the organization is still waiting to hear back on key items in the request.

This is nothing new with the Obama Administration.  Recently,  Crossroads GPS created an online repository for pending FOIA requests  with the Obama Administration, called Wikicountability.org.

This included the request that covered the Department’s implementation of an online enforcement database, which should have included prosecutions of corruption in labor unions, ALG says, but was not.

“That data should be in the database, and the question is why not,”  ALG President Bill Wilson explained, saying the request was being  “stonewalled” by the Department.  After all, the prosecution of union  corruption is a key item of the Department’s enforcement  responsibilities.

He speculated on the possibility that “they don’t want that  information to be public because it makes union officials look bad.  It  may be embarrassing, but we want those documents; the public has a right  to know.”

ALG filed the FOIA request in August 2010, the first to the Office of  the Secretary (OSEC), which produced no initial response.  This  compelled the organization to file two follow-ups to the FOIA requests:  one to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and  Management in Feb. 2011 and the other to the Department’s Office of the  Solicitor (SOL) in Mar. 2011.

ALG Counsel Nathan Mehrens explained, “We initially requested  information from the Department in order to better understand how the  Department is communicating its enforcement statistics through its  online enforcement database.”

He added, “This database is mysteriously missing certain critical  information such as the number of union officials who were prosecuted by  the Department for stealing from union members.”

The follow-up to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for  Administration and Management again hit a stone wall.  On April 18, they  finally replied that “A search was conducted within the Office of the  Secretary.  No records were found responsive to your request.”

But then the Solicitor’s office did find responsive documents —  through the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy (OASP).   According to the appeal, “Based on the evidence received from OASP it is  clear that senior personnel from OSEC have in their possession federal  records that are responsive to Appellant’s FOIA request. As such, the  assertion from OSEC that they found ‘no documents responsive’ to  Appellant’s request is either incorrect or the OSEC did not perform an  adequate search for responsive records to Appellant’s request.”

Either way, Mehrens said “This shows that the Department’s FOIA  processing mechanisms are not working properly.  It is also not the only  time we’ve been told that there are no records, despite evidence to the  contrary.”

This proves the Department is not living up to Obama’s vow for  transparency in his Administration, when he said on Jan. 21, 2009, “Let  me say it as clearly as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be  the touchstones of this presidency.”

Mehrens explained, “This was followed up by further guidance from  both the President and the Attorney General on how the government was to  handle releasing information to the public in response to requests  under the Freedom of Information Act.”

In that guidance the federal government was instructed to quickly  turn around information requests and that it should have a bias toward  disclosure and not attempt to redact information merely because of  technicalities.  So much for that.

In the end, it appears Obama talked the talk of transparency, but  when it comes to walking the walk, is falling far short.  It’s a failure  of leadership.

Wilson said the Administration was “two-faced on transparency,”  concluding, “This is not the kind of transparency we were promised by  Obama.  Based on our two years of work requesting records from the Obama  Administration it appears that not everyone has received the message.   It’s time for the Administration to stop stonewalling legitimate  requests.”

Robert Romano is the Senior Editor of Americans for Limited Government.

Read more at NetRightDaily.com:  http://netrightdaily.com/2011/05/obama%e2%80%99s-%e2%80%98transparency%e2%80%99-a-failure-of-leadership/#ixzz1MGAhrG2U

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