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Missouri Senate Approves Id’s Requirement To Vote

It say’s a lot about the Democrats and there mouthpieces that they oppose having to show identification to cast a vote. Why in the world would Democrats oppose such a limited common sense requirement. Has there party become so hijacked by the lunatic left that even the minor act of proving citizenship is taboo. Does anyone really think that just anybody should be able to vote no matter what. This practice leads to tainted elections and foreign influence in are political agenda. When illegal aliens are permitted to vote they corrupt the process and dilute the will of the American people. With elections being so narrowly decided this corruption can have major results. These non citizens have there own agenda and influences that are often not inline with American taxpayers. The Democrats have a long history of corrupting elections so I guess there opposition to even minor requirements to cast a vote is no real surprise. In the last election we had groups like ACORN corrupting the process and in years past the mafia. Look back to JFK’s election in the 60’s, the Chicago mob fixed that vote. Nowadays the Democrats try and use illegal aliens to effect elections in there favor so they can cling to there declining power. Casting an honest legal vote is the very core of our democracy and without that we all lose. The one man one vote part of our electorally process is what has sustained our nation from spasms of violence and ugly regimes that populate the planet. The Obama left have dragged the Democratic party into a euro trash far-left of center operation. There opposition to common sense widely supported legislation just proves the point.

Missouri’s Senate approves photo ID requirement for voting
By Jim Corvey, News of the Force-St. Louis
The Missouri State Senate approved a measure yesterday that would require photo identification to vote, in a move supporters lauded as a step toward addressing problems of voter fraud in the state.
Meanwhile, opponents of the legislation worried that the measure would create unfair obstacles to voting for those without photo identification.
The final vote of 26-7 was cast along party lines, with Republicans favoring the bill. The measure will now move to the House, where a sizable Republican majority could bode well for the legislation. If the legislation passes both houses, it will go into effect only if a constitutional amendment is approved by state voters.
Opposition to the bill stemmed from concerns that it could limit voting rights among eligible voters. Democrats said that senior citizens or people with disabilities, among others, could be aversely affected.
After the vote yesterday, Sen. Jolie Justus, D-Kansas City, displayed her discontent with the Senate’s decision on her Twitter account. “Senate just voted 26-7 to disenfranchise at least 230,000 voters. Just another day in paradise…” she wrote. Justus’ tweet refers to the estimated 230,000 registered voters in Missouri who lack state-issued photo identification, according to a number tracked each year by the secretary of state’s office.
On the other side of the aisle, Senate Republicans dispute that the legislation could compromise state residents’ ability to vote. For those without an ID, said bill sponsor Sen. Bill Stouffer, R-Napton, the measure would allow the option of voting a provisional ballot. But, Stouffer said, he does not see a reason why someone would not have a valid photo ID. “A government-issued photo ID is the standard everywhere we go,” he said in an interview. “You can’t send a package, get on an airplane, or rent a movie without a photo ID.”
This isn’t the first time the state’s Legislature has sought to enact a photo ID law. The General Assembly passed a photo ID measure in 2006, which was later overturned by the Missouri Supreme Court.

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