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Arizona Warns Of Rising Mexican Drug Cartel Violence

Cartel Violence Has Crossed The Border

Az Officials “Border Violence Getting Worse

Displaying a continuing disregard for American sovereignty and rule of law the
Obama administration is playing politics with the lives of Americans. The violent Mexican drug cartels have been conducting raids and assassinations in Arizona and neighboring states for months and the Obama administration are complicent in the deaths of dozens of Americans. It appears the Obama political agenda is willing to sacrifice American lives to garner hispanic voters. The recent shooting of Rep Gifford was given massive attention by the Obama administration and media but why not a peep when ranchers like Robert Krentz and Arizona law enforcement are gunned down by Mexican cartel thugs. I guess your life only counts if you are a Obama crony. The Homeland Security troll Janet Napolitana along with head of ICE John Morton are so derilick in carrying out there mission that they should be immediately fired or charged as co-conspirators in the murder of Americans living in this war zone. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife has already closed 3500 acres in southern Arizona parks while Arizona Universities are warning students to stay away from border towns due to the violence. You to wonder if Rep Gifford was shot while hiking by a cartel smuggler would the Obama’s administration actions been as forcefull.

Federal Parkland Closed Due to Border Violence

The Pinal County, Ariz., sheriff says “Arizona has become a war zone and drug cartels are coming through like they own the place.”
Sheriff Paul Babeu spoke these words in the Ahwatukee foothills week, and he couldn’t have been more direct. The drug cartels are dancing with danger as armed conflict is inevitable as far as the sheriff is concerned, complaining, “The federal government has literally become an enemy who is fighting us, and I have not been afraid to fight them,” he said.
Sheriff Babeu is no friend of Janet Napolitano and took her to task as she tried to contend that the Arizona border is as safe as ever. This is the garbage this sheriff has to put up from a woman who seems unresponsive to the dangers of the southern border sectors. Evidently, last year in the eastern portion of Arizona’s two sectors, which includes Phoenix and Tucson, the U.S. Border Patrol caught 241,000 illegals coming across the border. However, it is also estimated that an additional 400,000 illegals crossed undetected. “Close to 20 percent of which already have criminal records in America.” the sheriff said. More importantly, a percentage of which are caught in Pinal County are from countries other than Mexico, including “countries of interest’ such as Yemen, Somalia and Syria. “Nations whose governments have sponsored terrorists or are anti-American,” the sheriff said.
It appears that Napolitano is acting recklessly with this sheriff by not giving her support and that’s probably attributed to some crazed gun control B.S. that will do nothing but put Americans in harm’s way. This is the kind of crap the U.S. government has been doing all along, just giving the American public a false sense of security. The leaders who put this Homeland Security B.S. together could care less about border security and need to re-think their priorities.
Less than 30 miles from where the sheriff was giving his speech to a Republican Ladies League, he explained the following: “Less than 30 miles from where we are now, they have 50 locations in Pinal County that are scout locations. They’re providing safe passage for drug and human smuggling coming through our county. They’re reinforcing their supply routes.”
One of the things that has angered the sheriff is an incident on Oct. 26, of last year, where an informant, working for the sheriff’s department, was killed in Pinal County by a cartel hit-man, shooting him a half dozen times. “A cartel hit, that’s what we have arrived at,” the sheriff said.
In another incident, the cartel had heavily-armed assassins come across into Pinal County to rob drug mules.
Currently, Homeland Security has this insanely incompetent “catch and release” program that is tying the hands of the sheriff by not enabling longer holding times as a deterrent to repeat offenders.
Homeland Security is doing nothing to secure the Arizona borders and it’s becoming such a problem that the local sheriff is now expected to secure America’s borders while the United States Government washes their hands.
Securing the borders is something the sheriff says he can do easily with just some badly needed help from the U.S. Government, but he’s being shunned for no good reason.
Mexico is being ruined by the cartels and now this garbage is coming into America. If Janet Napolitano cannot deal with this fact, then she should be replaced as fast as possible. There is war developing in Arizona from this incompetence and no help seems to be in sight.
No wonder Arizona has the most liberal gun laws in America, it’’ the Wild West down there and the enemy is from another country. Homeland Security is a joke, doing nothing to really protect Americans, only working to suppress us, turning this country upside down from damn fool incompetence, just more globalist B.S. endangering our people.

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