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Another Muslim Terrorist, I AM SHOCKED.

Just Another Jihadist

You really have to wonder what is is going to take for Barrack Hussein Obama and his fellow leftist Democrats along with some dimwit Republicans to wake up and take real measures to thwart the scourge of muslim jihadism. The holiday weekend take down of Somali born Mohamed O. Mohamud by the FBI shines another light on this religion of terror. Since the late 1960’s muslims have been hijacking and blowing up airplanes, setting off massive car and truck bombs and murdering “infidels” so there’s not question who is the problem. Its time the government crack down on these lunatics and quit worrying about offending muslims. The recent TSA fondling policy is offensive to the American people why is it ok to denigrate the majority to placate a minority. A koran yielding Yemeni with no luggage is waved thru while a 75 year old grandma is fondled by some rent a cop. Its time the Israeli method of profiling is implemented and our immigration policies need to change so these muslim jihadist never set foot on American soil. Until the followers of this religion of terror decide to moderate and accept the western culture they should be deported and denied entry to our country. This may seem harsh but I see little effort by muslims to put out this fire of terrorism being spread through the western world. Even those few who mildy denounce it seem to always parse there statements with “buts” and “justifications”. Why should the American people suffer constant infringements on our freedom and liberties so one hijacked religon followers are not offended. Barrack Obama has made little effort to protect Americans freedoms or liberties, in fact he has done the opposite. He began his term with a middle-east bash America and apology tour and directed every part of his administration to bend over to these lunatics and what has it accomplished? This is just one of many reasons we need to elect a president who will secure are borders, deport the criminals and those whom  refuse to integrate. We need elected representatives who will demand the government protect our freedom and liberties while dropping the hammer on the folks trying to murder our families.




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