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OBAMA And The Democrats Idealogy Over Jobs

As Barrack Hussein Obama and his fellow Democrats led by Pelosi and Reid continue there assault on middle class America it is more apparent then ever that idealogy is there guiding light. As unemployment continues to hover at almost 10% the Democrats have gone into there tired old assault on the succressfull and wealthy. All over the country Democrats running for House and Senate seats are running negative attack ads using the tactics of “blame the rich” and “Republicans hate Grandma”. The hypocrisy would be comical if it didn’t have such a negative effect on the countries economy. This country has done quite well over the years under the capitalist system despite the Democrats and government meddling. All this regulation and federal government intrusion into private sector business just adds costs and burdens to business and that’s what drives business overseas or worse “out of business”. Since day one of the Obama administration they have done nothing but place increasing burdens on the cost of doing business in this country. All this “Progressive Bullshit” is hammering the middle-class workforce along with the small business owner. Unfortunately every agency in the federal government is being led by one of these Obama “Progressive lunatics”, these anti-business left wing Democrats are strangling business with regulatory and pro-union morass. The problems on Wall Street have been brewing for decades and Washington is responsible. Long time Democrats like Sen. Chris Dodd are an example of everything that’s wrong with government and its interaction with business. This clown is so corrupt and tied to the very issues that caused the finacial collapse it almost comical.
Sen Dodd and Scandal

Every election cycle you can count on the Democrats to start slamming business while pandering to corrupt union bosses. Even though Democrats took far more money from “Wall Street” last election cycle they still continue this childish and petty practice. Maybe if Barrack Hussein Obama actually understood how capitalism works the country wouldn’t be in such miserable shape. Considering how his administration is stacked with hedge fund traders and investment bankers you would think they might catch on. But like most Socialist he has spent his life living on the taxpayers dime and apparently has no grasp of even the basic fundamentals of capitalism. He sure can spend taxpayer money he just doesn’t understand that the bills are paid by taxing successfull business endeavors. When business prospers government benefits from the greater base of taxable income, its pretty simple. When people get wealthy they spend it and that creates jobs, the disastrous luxury tax is a perfect example. Rich guys might buy yachts and exotic cars and other toys but its middle class folks who build them, fix them and operate them. Yes Barack, wealth does trickle down and it creates even greater wealth. Democrats live in some fairy tale world where they think the bloated, corrupt and incompetent federal government can create jobs. The private sector has it flaws but government is inherently flawed and inefficient, not to mention the added costs. Programs run by government bureaucrats who prosper regardless of there success or failure just cannot match the the advantages the private sector brings to the table. When folks are rewarded for there efforts they will produce faster,cheaper and on time, its not rocket science just human nature. Obama and his fellow Democrats dedication to there socialist ideology will lead to continuing high unemployment. The Gulf oil industry is a perfect example of how leftist ideology is strangling and entire industry and region. How about the thousands of auto dealership employees who are jobless thanks to Obama’s GM and Chrysler bailout to save union jobs. Farmers all over the west are under attack thanks to the Obama administration regulatory issues having to do with water rights and the endangered species act. The Democrats ideology has cost this country a hell of a lot more jobs then “Wall Street”

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