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Obama Grants Amnesty To 250,000 Illegal Alien Criminals

According to the Houston Chronicle the Obama Administration at the direction of DHS John Morton is releasing up to 250,000 illegal alien criminals who are currently locked up. According to statements from ICE due to the huge backlog in the courts, illegals who have been here at least 2 years are being released and there cases dismissed. Every single illegal alien is a criminal and now John Morton at the direction of Barrack Hussein Obama is granting defacto amnesty to the criminals who have absolutely shown no respect for our rule of law. Why should anybody obey our laws, apparently if your a supporter or donor to the Democrats you get a pass. Americans are going to have to revolt and take this country back from these bought and paid for politicians from both parties. In to many cases nowaday there are not alot of differences between parties, they cut these backdoor deals all the time. The common theme among these idiots is they both seem to have no problem selling out the middle-class for short term political benefits. The Obama administration is setting a record at it these backdoor Chicago style deals unmatched in the history of the republic. There is no way the taxpayers can afford to be burdened with millions of dead beat lazy immigrants who demand benefits and services payed for by hard working Americans. If the courts are backed up its because the Obama administration is preventing these illegal alien criminals from being deported. Why are these criminals even being held, there is no excuse for illegally violating the borders of our nation that crime alone should be enough to instantly ship these criminals back wherever the came from. The Obama, Pelosi & Reid crew is so obsessed with tearing this country apart with there lunacy there just seems to be no end to there mockery of our laws and national borders

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