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Obama’s And The Ground Zero Mosque

Obama & the ground zero mosque

Once again Barrack Hussein Obama showed his true colors giving his approval for Jihadist and terrorist to build a victory memorial at ground zero. Today his lackeys are out trying to spin Obama’s remarks by saying he was just referring to
the the concept of religious tolerance. BS he should of stood up an unequivocally said he absolutely was against this desecration and would use the power of his office to stop it. When Muslims build mosques and memorials they tend to build them on sites to celebrate a glorious victory. This gutter religion is at war with western culture and they miss no opportunity to shout it out loud to there fellow jihadists. Why the west continues to let these terrorist operate freely an unhindered is amazing. We have thousands of military personal worldwide bravely fighting this filthy bunch of terrorist and what are they thinking when the so called Commander-in-Chief makes these kind of statements. Since day one of his failed presidency he has done nothing but pander to the muslim world. What has all the pathetic wimpering got us, absolutely nothing. These jihadist will murder every man, women and child who isn’t a muslim, the fatah’s are spewed from every iman in mosque throughout the world including mosques on our soil. The State Department is even using taxpayer money to send the ground zero mosque’s iman to the sandbox to bad mouth America.

State Dept sends radical iman to middle east on taxpayers dime

Why isn’t the media reporting on this jihadist, any google search will find many of his anti-western rants. Maybe the lamestream press should put down the Obama kool-aid and screw the political correctness BS and actually do there job.
Not gonna hold my breath on that one.

Ground Zero Iman’s radical words

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