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Obamas’s DOJ Goes After Sheriff Joe

Obama’s DOJ goes after AZ sheriff

Once again Obama has sicked his DOJ lackeys on an AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio. At the direction of the Obama administration the federal government has halted or stopped any successful efforts to secure our borders. When the states get fed up with the murder, rape,
drugs, disease and just plain old misery illegals bring with them how can the states and counties not act alone. The Obama’s administrations total border policy seems to be to flood the country with illegals and then get them to vote for Democrats. If the federal government was doing its job, locals wouldn’t have too. The Obama administration could stop this flood immediately by deploying at least 50,000 troops to the border permanently and continuing with construction of a multi-layered fence the entire length of the southern border. The northern border along with coastal border areas also need beefing up. Sheriff Joe Arpaio sents the gold standard on how to deal with illegal aliens and criminals. Maybe Obama, Pelosi and Reid should move there families to the southern border and leave there security details in DC. I suspect after a few nights they would be singing a different tune. Its easy for wealthy elites behind secured walled compounds to preach to us about how we live but the rules never seem to apply to there familes.

A lawyer for an Arizona sheriff known for his efforts against illegal immigrants said Thursday that the U.S. Justice Department’s threat to sue over records for its civil rights investigation is premature because his client is willing to cooperate with certain elements of the probe.

Earlier this week, the department gave Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office until Aug. 17 to turn over documents first requested last year.

The Justice Department has been investigating Arpaio’s office since March 2009 for alleged discrimination, unconstitutional searches and seizures, and having an English-only policy in his jails that discriminates against people with limited English skills.

Arpaio believes the inquiry is focused on his immigration efforts.

Robert Driscoll, a Washington lawyer representing Arpaio, said his client has fully cooperated in the inquiry into his jails, but won’t hand over additional documents in the examination into the unconstitutional search allegations because federal authorities won’t say exactly what they are investigating.

Driscoll said the Justice Department has made overly broad requests for records that could cost huge sums of money to fulfill and that federal authorities were given thousand records that were handed over in a lawsuit that alleges Arpaio’s deputies racially profiled Hispanics in immigration patrols.

“The DOJ should have all the information it needs to evaluate whether it believes (the sheriff’s office) has violated the law, or, at a minimum, more than enough information to define what they are looking for,” Driscoll said in a statement.

The Justice Department had no immediate comment Thursday.

In a separate investigation, a grand jury in Phoenix is examining allegations that Arpaio has abused his powers, such as allegedly trying to intimidate county workers by showing up at their homes at nights and weekends.

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