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Wikileaks and Traitors

WSJ Wikileaks story

The traitor who stole the document released by leftist web site Wikileaks if caught should face a firing squad as a traitor. The most vile despicable action a citizen can do is betray there country during time of war. The war in Afghanistan is a counter-insurgency which is by far the toughest kind of warfare to wage on both civilians and soldier. The human debris that leaked the top secret reports to wikileaks is the worst kind of coward that exist. If this leaker is so against the war they should have the balls to step forward and make there case. If they are aware of war crimes it is there duty to step forward and report it. Instead they anonymously steal documents and release them to a leftist web site like some kind of sniveling coward with no backbone. This is how most leftist operate, if you truly believe in what your fighting against you should be willing to accept the blowback. Just like the masked cowards who show up at events like the G20 and throw rocks at cops and destroy private property in the name whatever bleeding heart cause of the month. Hopefully the crowd at wikileaks will be prosecuted but somehow I doubt Obamas lackey Eric Holder will even investigate the situation. This kind of politically motivated leaking has become worse over the years, its time the government bury these type of malcontents deep underground like the moles they are. To many some of these after action reports will sound horrific, the problem is all this is out of context and not the whole story. Our adversaries like the media will pick and choose there material to fit there message. The release of these papers during time of war will do nothing positive and in the end will most likely lead to the deaths of more soldiers and civilians.

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