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Why Current Immigration Policies Need Change

This story below is a perfect example of why so many people are getting pissed off about Obama continuing a failed immigration policy that is dragging America into decline. To many immigrants mostly illegal are here for financial gain, and could care less about America and our way of life. These hyphenated-Americans make little if any attempt to “melt-in”. They have little problem taking government benefits legally or illegally, while taxpayers suffer. They refuse to learn our language, or adhere to our laws. Where these Mexicans out in the streets supporting the U.S. soccer team, I’ am guessing no. Immigrants use to come here and where grateful to be here, they gave back to the country. The deadbeats immigrating lately are more likely to demand we adjust to there third world ways. Whether its muslims demanding foot baths or some other bunch demanding school books and driver test be printed in there language enough is enough. Lets deport the illegals and close the doors and take care of our fellow citizens. You have to wonder if the folks who legally come here get a little pissed when they see these illegals demanding rights and bad mouthing our country. Why play by the rules when others benefit by cheating, lying and stealing and then are rewarded with Amnesty. Obama, Pelosi and Reed have no problem selling out our nation for short term political gains that benefit there bank accounts. You can add a lot of Republicans into that bunch too, all need to be dealt with!

Fans take to SoCal streets after Mexico soccer win

Associated Press

HUNTINGTON PARK, CALIF. — Fans celebrating Mexico’s 2-0 win over France in World Cup play spilled into streets Thursday afternoon and were ordered to disperse by police wary of a repeat of soccer-related disturbances in the small city southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

“We had to give that order, the crowd was starting to become quiet large and it was becoming a little bit of a threat,” said police Sgt. John Navarrette.

Fans waving flags poured onto Pacific Boulevard, which law enforcement had shut down as a precaution during the second half of the game.

“We want people to celebrate, we have no problem with it whatsoever,” Navarrette said. “We just want them to do it responsibly and peacefully and not cause property damage.”

Huntington Park, home to a large Latino population, has a history of disturbances after Mexico’s World Cup play.

In November 2001, unruly fans celebrating Mexico’s victory over Honduras in World Cup qualifying tossed rocks and bottles and smashed windows after about 1,000 people streamed into the central business district. Officers fired stingballs to disperse the crowd.

In June 1998, throngs filled the streets and more than 30 were arrested for vandalism, assault and failure to disperse after Mexico tied Netherlands to advance. Days later dozens more were arrested after small groups of fans turned unruly following Mexico’s loss to Germany.

Huntington Park also endured an outbreak of violence and looting in 1994 when the World Cup was held in nearby Pasadena.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/breaking/fans-take-to-socal-streets-after-mexico-soccer-win-96609274.html#ixzz0r9qaVkgx

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