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Obama’s DOJ At It Again

Obama’s DOJ challenges another AZ law

One theme you always hear from the Open Border fanatics is we should blame the employers not the poor illegals aliens. Well Arizona passed a law to do just that but now Obama’s DOJ is now challenging the law. The best part is that his very own Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano signed the bill while governor of Arizona. There seems to be no end to which the Obama administration will go to drag this country into the sewer. There is a common belief among Obama and his cohorts that America is bad and they are the saviors here to right the wrongs. They truly believe they are more enlightened then the rest of the country. Most of these characters have been on the government tab there entire career. They have no clue how there actions affect real people who actually work and pay taxes. The mass illegal immigration is bankrupting local, state and federal budgets. These costs are payed by everyone who still has a job, the Democrats are so bent on getting hispanics to join there party there seems to be nothing they won’t do. The crackdown on employers is a major tool in the fight to rid our nation of millions of criminals illegally here. The federal government has failed to protect it citizens, the states have every right to do what they can to correct this.

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