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Obama Has Absolutely No Shame!

A few facts on who really is in bed with Goldman-Sachs”

Once again our dear leader Barack Hussein Obama is flapping his lips in self righteous indignation about Wall Street while at the same time benefiting from the very corruption he is blathering on about. You won’t see this on the Obama cheerleading
networks, remember Enron and the media attention that got. GW’s inflation adjusted take from Enron executives, employees and PAC’s was $151.722, obscene yes. But our dear leader raked in $1,007,370.85 (inflation adjusted) from Goldman-affiliated executives and employees. And that does not include the $415.595 take for Hillary and thousands more for Harry Reid and his gangsters party. Obama received more cash from Goldman-Sachs then all Republicans combined running for the White House, Senate & House. Not to mention the who’s who of Democratic party big whigs, Goldman-Sachs has employed. Gangsters like Rahm-Emanuel, Dick Gephardt, John Breaux, and Tony Podesta all have sucked up to Goldman-Sachs trough. Former Obama WH counsel Greg Craig just joined Goldmans-Sachs, even staff members of tax cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner where lobbyist for Goldman-Sachs. So you just need to remember, if Obamas lips are flapping he’s probably talking out of both sides of his Ass.

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