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Obama, Pelosi & Reid Now Want Open Borders, Great!

Just when we should be shutting down our borders Obama and his fellow Democrats are bending over to the Open Border crowd. The Democrats and country club Republicans like Dick Armey and Lindsey Graham want to legalize illegal aliens who our illegally here, don’t pay taxes, commit major crimes and drive down wages just to add voters to there socialist agenda. The border area along Mexico is already a war zone, the violence is spreading north and killing American.  Corrupt Mexican military personal have crossed the border hundreds of times over the past decade to add the  drug cartels in everthing from guarding shipments to carrying out hits.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid apparently have no limits when it comes to carrying out there euro-left social attack on the American way of life. Mexican gangs are killing more American then Al-Qaeda every year while terrorizing large cities in every state while the federal government does little to protect American citizens. Any other country on the planet would be using military force to stop this terrorist like attack on there populace. When the Bush administration deployed Army National Guard Styrker units to the southern border, the areas they where deployed to saw major drops in Illegals and drug trafficking across the border. Even then the Regiment was severly limited in how they where allowed to carry out the mission. Every nationality on the earth is using our southern border to illegally enter the country. Massive piles of trash are evidence of the masses crossing the border, the landowners along the SW border states are under siege by these criminals. The Obama administration has done everything in its power to roll back the minor improvements the Bush administration implemented. The Border Patrol hiring has turned to layoffs while 16 thousand new IRS agents are being hired to plunder more income from taxpayers to hep pay for his new health care disaster.

(From http://www.newsoftheforce.com)
Mexican drug gangs have expanded their activities in the U.S. with heroin production doubling in 2008, the U.S. Justice Department says in a report.
Despite U.S. funding for the war on drugs, trade in marijuana, ecstasy and methamphetamine also grew, the National Drug Threat Assessment said. The report found that Mexican groups were active in every region of the U.S. Gangs were moving an estimated $40 billion in cash back into Mexico across the border each year, it added.
Mexico has long been the main conduit for illicit drugs smuggled into the U.S., but this report suggests that the efforts to halt the flow on both sides of the border have had only a limited impact. In 2007 the U.S. pledged $1.4 billion over three years to fight the drugs cartels, but the following year heroin production in Mexico rose from 17 to 38 metric tons. This, the report says, led to lower heroin prices and more overdose deaths in the U.S.
The report found that Mexican heroin was poised to take a “more significant share” of the market in U.S. cities where South American heroin has traditionally dominated. For Asian heroin, the U.S. continued to be a secondary market, it said. The assessment says that Mexican drug suppliers have increased their cooperation with American street and prison gangs to expand their distribution networks. Speaking in Mexico City earlier this week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for more efforts to tackle the social issues such as poverty that fuel the drugs trade. Mexico, which has some 50,000 troops engaged against the cartels, has suggested that American money and equipment has not arrived quickly enough.

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