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SEIU Just Another Corrupt Union Outfit, I’am Shocked!

L.A. Times story on SIEU corruption”

As with most Union organizations the leadership almost always proves to be corrupt. Time after time the characters who run most all of the major unions end up indicted. It has always amazed me how rank in file members continue to pay up hard earned money for dues while these guys live lavish lifestyles. The short term gains these unions win have cost millions of jobs and driven companies right out of the United States. The automakers are a text book study on how these labor unions have cut there own throats, the extortion has bankrupted once great American companies and left members unemployed. After WWII the U.S. was one of the few countries left not destroyed, for decades we led in manufacturing goods. Well the rest of the world grew up and can manufacture there own plains,trains & automobiles and they do it paying much lower wages. Unions can no longer expect to extort the kind of wages they have in the past for jobs others will gladly do for less. The corrupt union leadership continues to rake in the bucks while the workers are left jobless and in denial. The leader of the SEIU Service International Employees Union is a perfect example, Tyrone Freeman took home a cool $213.000 in 2007 while workers took home about $9.00 per hour. This is the norm in most large labor unions, the leadership does well regardless of the damage the do to the companies they infect. The leader of the SEIU Andrew Stern is Obama’s big buddy, he has visited the White House more then 27 times so far to extract payback for there support. Stern and Obama are doing to the taxpayer what they do to employers, screwing them. The massive growth in government union employees under Obama is going to cost the taxpayers and just add to an already bloated, corrupt and inept federal government. The long term cost in salary, perks and pensions is yet another log tossed on the bonfire created by King Obama and his fellow Democrats. These jobs and pro-union moves by the Obama administration are payback for the hundreds of millions of dollars used to buy Obama the White House. Like the union leadership ,Obama hasn’t created a single private sector job for anyone but his cronies.

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