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GOP Business & Leftist Open Border Crowd Join Up.

Report on recent get together of GOP Business and Open Border crowd

Big business and leftist open border supporters recently came together to promote there anti-American agenda. Big business wants cheap labor and pro immigration groups want to grab power through numbers. The Balkanization of America is under way, modern immigration is about economics and power. In the past immigrants came to America to escape tyranny and oppression, most willingly integrated, learned english and where proud to become citizens.  Recent immigrants are making less of an effort to “melt-in”, in effect they become “hyphenated-Americans”.   They come here to make money and support there families in other countries. This support often aids in keeping third world thug governments in power. Otherwise would have to answer to an angry populace, Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela are perfect examples of this. A long history of corrupt politicians have controlled these countries and the people have never had the guts to change it. The life blood of America is the middle class, and its disappearing. The coming together of these two agendas is bad news for the middle class. This uncontrolled immigration results in depressed wages, over whelmed tax payer funded social programs and rising crime. The country is slowly fragmenting and “Change” is coming, and not in a good way.

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