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Another Look at the Corruption in politics

When are people going to rise up and demand term limits. Things will never improve as long as the same old players rule the roost. The politicians after the decades in power get fat and comfortable. The ruling elite should fear the people, what has come to be is not what the founding fathers envisioned. The great experiment called democracy is failing from an apathetic public. These old fools are in Washington so long they actually believe the bullshit they spew. To many of these idiots, Obama being the poster boy have been feasting on the tax payer’s dime there entire life, they have no concept of reality. Guys like Obama and Clinton have never actually worked in the private sector or been responsible for making payroll. The system is fixed, once these guys are in its nearly impossible to get rid of them when the majority of people don’t vote. They make the rules but never experience the result of there legislation, there soul job once elected is to raise a war chest for the next election. They are then puppets of the elite minority who provide there finances, they then spend there entire term giving there bank rollers what they payed for.  How far down the rabbit will we fall before the whole country is dragged into third world status?

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