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Stimulus Jobs Another Obama Shame

Fudged Stimulus Numbers

Damn Lies

Surprise surprise the numbers of jobs created by Obamas stimulus plan are bogus, kinda like the cash 4 clunkers disaster. When will these idiots in Washington get it into there thick skulls that government is incapable of doing anything right. The bailouts and takeovers where a disaster and now the stimulus bill is another example of taxpayer money being wasted by morons. All that Obama managed to bailout where his union and Wall street supporters. I am sure the average mom could have gotten a lot more “bang 4 the buck” then any politician. The obscene amounts spent to create each job could of bought a lot a groceries and school cloths for most families for many years. When families spend there hard earned dollars it also creates local jobs that benefit there home towns. The stimulus spending is only adding to the nations debt and driving down the value of the dollar. This becomes a sort of double tax by diluting the buying power of the consumer. Everything the government does comes in over budget and unreliable.

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