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More Obama Admin & (D) Crap

The Obama admin and fellow (D) have real balls, there shoving this debt busting disaster of a health care bill down our throats and to buy off (D) votes they are attaching hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars to Senate and House members along with pay offs to AARP, AMA….. This has always been done but there taking it to an obscene level.

AMA Pay off

The House on Thursday approved the so-called “doc fix,” a $210 billion plan to keep doctors who treat Medicare patients from experiencing severe cuts in their annual federal reimbursements.

Senate Bribes

$100 Million Dollar Payoff for One Vote

AARP gets $18 million plus hundreds of millions when there insurance plans are sold to make up for cuts in Medicaid

The debt is all ready at the point where we will never be able to pay it off, this is leading to the dollar becoming worthless. If hyper-inflation kicks in costs for energy and food will skyrocket. Our savingsl and pensions will be decimated, all this will lead to a downward spiral for the middle-class. The socialist supporters of Obama are salivating at the chance to build such a scenario where the populace is so dependent on the State that they can then implement there Marxist idealogy of wealth distribution and control to force there assine idealogy on the country.  You have the White House Dir of Comm praising Mao Tse Tung, dozens of oher admin officials praise Hugo Chavez.

Anita Jones praising Mao

All this sounds nuts but if you take a look at there own statements combined with there actions you have to wonder what there motives are. This sustained spending under any scenario is leading our county into a dark future.

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