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Maybe there is a reason Obama won’t fight the Jihadist

What side is Obama really on

Obama has already admitted attending school in Islamic Indonesia between 1969-71, in his two books, “Dreams From My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope,” that he spent two years in a Muslim school and another two years in a Catholic school while living in Indonesia from age 6 to 10. His apology tour bashing America made no mention of the murderous terrorism muslims have carried out in the name of Allah. American troops are dying while he plays politics with his hand picked generals request for more troops to wage war against these terrorist. His ties to Louis Farrakhan and Rev Wright are already established,  Many of his friends and co-workers have strong ties to Islam or pro-Islamic groups.  His mentor Rev Wright has very close ties the Farrakhan, during the campaign Secret Service logs helped prove Obama lied about being at church while Wright ranted anti-white and anti-semitic diatribes. Radical black muslims have a very strong influence in Chicago black politics and Obama spent 20 years working with and organizing for that crowd. Some of these radicals where convicted for plotting rocket attacks after meeting with Libyan operatives in 1986. The 42.000 member strong El-Rukkan street gang are Farrakhan’s shock troops. The PC media will never look into any of King Obama’s influences or why he continues to undermine the “War on Terror”. Oh I forgot where longer calling it that, I wonder if the families who lost love ones at Ft.Hood feel the same.


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