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Another Obama Cabinet Idiot Who Does Not Get It

There is a common belief that permeates the Obama administration that terrorism is a law enforcement issue and not a dangerous threat to the country. This is the same policy that occurred during the Clinton Administration which led to missing at least 3 opportunities to get or kill Obama Bin Laden. This administration believes that if we just act nice to these Islamic fanatics that they will be nice to us. There needs to be a strategic approach that involves border and immigration crack downs along with an aggressive attack on every level of terrorist activity from financing to disruption of operations. On the home front any muslim that spouts anti-American sentiments should be deported or at the very least restricted from Government jobs. There has never been such a lack of willingness to fight the enemy as there is now in the Obama administration. They seem to believe that its our fault that these attacks occur. They don’t get it that Islam is at war with western ideals and that there duty to Allah is to convert or kill the infidels. Being nice to these fanatics just won’t cut, they need to learn that any attack will lead to massive retribution. Instead we let these parasites operate openly among us plotting our demise. Until muslims decide to fight the bad seeds we need to make it clear that there “Condemn, then try to justify” attitudes our unacceptable and living here is a privilege not a right.

Napolitano told to step down after Ft. Hood comments
By Jim Kouri

Following the tragic mass-murder of Americans at the Fort Hood, Texas, military installation at the hands of a suspected radical Jihadist, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appeared part of to reassure the Arab world that U.S. authorities were taking measures to quell anti-Islam sentiments after last week’s attack by an American-born Muslim serving as a U.S. Army psychiatrist.
Napolitano said her agency is working with state and local groups to try to deflect any anti-Muslim anger after last Thursday’s attacks by U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim who reportedly spouted anti-American, pro-terrorist propaganda. Hasan’s murder-spree left 13 people dead and 29 wounded.
“This was an individual who does not, obviously, represent the Muslim faith,” she said after meeting with a group of women university students.
A non-profit organization devoted to national security is demanding the resignation of the Napolitano, or that President Obama fire her. The Internet-based MoveAmericaForward.org is using their web site, e-mail, and social networking sites such as Facebook.com and Twitter.com to push for the removal of Napolitano. “Napolitano noticeably demonstrates that she is incapable of protecting America from the threat of Islamic terrorism and illegal aliens, therefore she must be fired immediately if our country is going to be safe in the coming years,” according to officials at MoveForwardAmerica.org, an organization that supports the U.S. military as well as law enforcement officials.
MoveForwardAmerica.org notes Napolitano’s statements and actions are examples of her incompetence to serve as the top person at Homeland Security when she wrongly claimed that the 9/11 terrorists came through Canada to launch the attack, even though not one of the radical Muslims traveled through our northern border. “How could the head of our security be so ignorant?” asks a Move Forward America press statement.
Meanwhile, Congresswoman Mary Fallin (R-Okla.) said in a statement released to Internet journalists and bloggers that Napolitano is “out of touch with mainstream America” if she believes that returning war veterans and people who believe in the Second Amendment pose a terrorism threat to the nation. “Like most Oklahomans, I was amazed at her statements and actions,” Fallin said. “First she approved a report that implied members of the armed forces returning from combat would follow in the footsteps of Timothy McVeigh. Then she insulted our friends in Canada by falsely claiming the 9/11 terrorists came from there. Is this really a person that should be speaking on behalf of our nation? Her earlier statement impugning most American conservatives, like myself, as possible terrorists set off another firestorm of criticism of the DHS secretary,” she said.
When Napolitano released a report saying that returning veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan should be watched as they could become domestic conservative terrorists, according to MoveForwardAmerica.org, the FBI went so far as to film the recent tea party protests of loyal Americans because of warnings that conservatives could become terrorist threats.
Napolitano approved release of a report that implied a variety of groups, including veterans, pro-life activists and supporters of gun rights, could be potential anti-government terrorists. She also said that the 9/11 terrorists entered the country from Canada, when in fact they came from overseas.
“With her ignorance about Islamic terrorism, no wonder she is wasting time examining our troops, anti-tax, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and other conservative groups,” states Move Forward America. “It is clear that Napolitano has no clue about the details of what happened to America on September 11, 2001. And she has offended our brave and selfless troops who have protected us since that infamous day of attacks on America’s homeland. Her outlook and priorities are exactly backward and plainly dangerous. Napolitano is unfit to serve as secretary of Homeland Security and President Obama must fire her before she causes more damage to our country.”
The non-profit organization also points to Napolitano’s claim that the Canadian border is a sieve for terrorists entering America, ignoring the fact that she turned a blind eye to illegal aliens coming into Arizona while she was governor. When Gov. Napolitano declared a “state of emergency” in Arizona, she deployed 54 National Guardsmen. “I’ve seen more National Guard troops deployed for a snowstorm,” said political consultant Mike Baker. “For almost eight years, conservatives took President Bush and members of his administration to task for failing to protect our borders. Conservatives find such activity to be beneath contempt. It’s unseemly for the conservatives to duplicate what they found deplorable in their opponents’ strategy,” added Baker.

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