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Chavez loving Marxist in Obamas circle

Obamas buddies love Chavez

Here’s a great segment on Beck today about yet another group a self proclaimed Marxist who have strong ties in the Obama administration. The “Free Press” is one of the tired old groups like ACORN that have more in common with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Was’nt Marxism proven to be completely corrupt and pathetic after the fall of the Soviet Union. Yet Obama and his supporters and advisors still cling to this bankrupt and failed idealogy.

(excerpt from the Interview Glenn did with Seton Motley)
MOTLEY: Af the FCC views the media marketplace, meaning he doesn’t like any private ownership of media. His quote with regard to the First Amendment is a little disturbing. To the extent commercial activities are given First Amendment protection, it makes the rule of capital increasingly off in the political debate and government regulation. In my view progressives need to stake out a Democratic remember how Lloyd used Democratic to describe Chavez’s revolution interpretation of the First Amendment and do direct battle with the Orwellian implications of the ACLU’s commercialized First Amendment. So when you are to the left of the ACLU, how far from the path have you strayed?

Both Obamas FCC and FTC appointments are self avowed Chavez lovers along with Obamas “Diversity Czar”. These idiots want to use there positions to promote the Chavez revolution and bring this garbage to our country. The scary part of all this is Obamas administration is littered with these nuts.

See the NewsBuster.org blog for more background

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