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Best Buddies.

Gadhafi is praising Obama as a “glimpse in the darkness.” He says he would be happy if Obama would be president forever.

This just speaks volumnes on Obama and his foreign policy. At the U.N. today Obama gave yet another speech bad mouthing America. The worldwide Obama apology tour bad mouthing America and begging the world to like us is pathetic. What has this blame America policy given us, nothing! The radical Obama left just can not accept the fact the countries act in there own self interest. Whether its “Green Policy” or monetary issues, Europe, China and especially Russia are not looking to be our buddies. They are trying to fashion world opinion and policy to benefit themselves. Obama’s recent decision to cancel missile defense in the Czech Republic and Poland is a text book liberal move. What concessions did Obama get from Moscow regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program? Worse yet he sold out solid pro-American allies. Russia is arming Iran to the teeth and is forging ahead in building up Irans nuclear capabilities. Russia is also going ahead with selling sophisticated S-300 air defense missiles to Iran to defend there nuclear sites. You think Russia might gain from an Israeli or U.S. strike on Iran. That would sure benefit Russian oil sales and Putin’s bank account. Gee a country acting in its own self interest.

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